Honoring Your Truth

Be Well Be Happy

“Thank you for every beautiful day of the week and the hellish days, too. Thank you for chaos, so that we may know disorganization as a friend and motivator and find peace there. Thank you for urging us to create time for sitting in it. Help us to breathe in the unknown and breathe out peace with what will come.” - Pixie Lighthorse.

As we embark on a new school year, new beginnings, and the fear that comes with changes, I urge you to sit quietly and contemplate your goals and intentions in the next year.  Be at ease and listen to your inner workings. They will help to guide you and make sound decisions. Silence speaks loudly. It teaches us to be true to our soul and the work we are meant to do. Often, we are so busy speaking we don’t listen to our words. Less is more. Speak less and listen more.

I gifted my daughter and myself with a yoga retreat to Vermont at the end of July and it was simply magical. We were roommates for a long weekend in a beautiful retreat house and really loved each other’s company. My daughter is very much like my sisters, easy going and fun. Not too chatty and very laid back. It always amazes me how genes work. Our interests are the same and we share the similar values. We don’t like to gossip and just want to be in our space. We enjoy working out, practicing yoga and eating healthy. It’s really a gift and honor to vacation with my daughter. I know this moment is rare and I embrace the now.

It’s really important to be happy and joyful with your days. Today as I write this column it was the most beautiful beach day in Rockaway. I woke up to a summer day with a cool breeze, sunny skies and a clean ocean. I started my Sunday teaching yoga at Ocean Bliss to a group of amazing students who rolled out the mats not knowing what I would teach. The class theme was to be grateful. Thank you for this life, this day, this moment, my children, my husband, my family. 

It really doesn’t get any better than summertime in Rockaway Beach, Breezy Point, Roxbury, and Broad Channel. We live by the water and love it. Honor your truth simply by being in the moment. Be present, be happy and live for today.


When Helen isn’t leading a yoga class or writing a column, she visits The Rockaway Times and shows us how to pose.

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