Be Well Be Happy

We start our yoga class with our palms together at our heart center in Anjali Mudra, a prayer-like gesture. It is also known as Namaste, a common yoga greeting meaning, “I acknowledge that the light in my heart and the light in your heart are the same.”

We are grateful to have this simple practice called yoga that calls on all human beings everywhere to be happy, healthy and peaceful.  There are no expectations, no judgements, no perfection, we are just trying to support one another and feel good about ourselves.

There are so many different styles of yoga and from my experience they are all good. You just need to find the one that works best for you. Naturally, as an align and flow teacher, I tend to promote my style of yoga that I teach and practice. When I am aligned to what is correct for me, my body feels good and my mind is at ease. From this feel-good feeling, flows inspiration, creativity, joy and abundance. I have never taught a class that did not include finding your center, meditation using your breath and perhaps a mantra and setting an intention. The physical part of yoga is for a beginner’s mind, the advanced student is able to sit quietly with their breath and be content. Practice, practice and then keep practicing. I am still practicing every day and I am most certainly a student for life, learning something new every day.

Yoga is healing to the mind, body and soul. You will become connected to something much higher than yourself when you learn to sit quietly. It is a devotional practice even if you don’t believe. You will slow down and begin to peel the layers of the heart, one at a time. Yes, it is a process and it takes time, patience and practice. Never be afraid to walk into a yoga studio, all are welcome. Yoga is for everyone. Yes, there are many different styles and some are more vigorous than others but there is always a class for each person. Beginners, gentle, open level, yin or restorative.

“Beyond Being Human and when you have gone beyond being human, you will without doubt, become an Angel; you will be done with earth, and Heaven will be your home. Go beyond even that angelic condition. Dive again into God’s boundless Ocean. So your drop of water at last transforms into the Sea.” -Rumi. 

This quote describes how yoga makes one feel! There are these subtle layers that come alive within the inner landscape. One does not have to look outside but rather within in the interior of your body. 

Here is a secret about yoga. You will become strong and centered. The connection you make with your mind, body and soul will allow you to be one with yourself and others. Hence, the word Namaste. We bow to one another and honor the divine light in each and every one. So the next time you hear Namaste, bask in the beauty of the light within your soul and one another.

May you be at peace, may you be happy, may you be safe and may you be at ease.

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