More than 1,500 people turned out for the Thrilla In Camilla, a fundraising event with a night of boxing on Friday, July 1. The FDNY Bravest Boxing team faced off against fighters from the West Midland Fire Service from Birmingham, England. The FDNY came on top, seven matches to three. The FDNY winners included Josiah Rivera, Andrew Tanzi, Steve Ramhold, Danny Quinn, Hildy Santana, Jonathan Velasquez and Dave Leonard.  And while the matches were well fought and entertaining affairs, the “Grudge Match” between two locals, Tom McVeigh and Jimmy Frontera, fired up the crowd and the cheering and rooting could be heard blocks away. Both fighters showed unexpected skill and impressive grit.  It was an even fight with Frontera getting his hand raised in a split-decision victory.

The Thrilla In Camilla got a lot of volunteer help from off duty and retired firefighters and other locals.  Their help went a long way in making the evening an unqualified success. The event raises money to benefit veterans and the Building Homes For Heroes, a non-profit that supports men and women injured in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The organization builds or modifies homes, and gifts them, mortgage-free to veterans and their families. Friday’s event particularly benefitted Army Specialist Hugo Gonzalez, who attended the event and pulled the lucky winning ticket for the 50/50 raffle, which reached more than $6,000.

It was a great night for champions by champions!

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