Rockaway Locals…You Tell Us! Get Your Voice Heard!


In our feature, reporter, Kami-Leigh Agard scours the streets to get your opinion on current issues facing the peninsula.

Your Voice…Your Community…Your Platform

Broad Channel (BC) is separated from Rockaway by the Cross Bay Bridge. However, besides sharing the same 11693 zip code with Rockaway Beach, the community is very close-knit and proud of their bayside family-oriented community. With no major supermarkets or gas stations nearby, what is it about BC that makes residents proudly declare what  RT columnist, Peter Mahon says, “Broad Channel, why would anyone want to live anywhere else? Channelers weigh in:



Special Education Teacher & Mom of Twins

Broad Channel, NY

“I have lived my entire life in Broad Channel. My family is from the neighborhood. In the summer, we go boating, kayaking or swimming in the canal. However, we do head over the bridge to Rockaway at least three to four times a week to go to the beach. On the weekend, we don’t drive to Rockaway, we either walk or bike. However, during the weekdays, when we want to go to the beach and boardwalk, we drive and park in Belle Harbor. BC is special for me because it’s my home, where my entire family grew up. My dad and grandparents grew up here. My family has been here for generations. I love living here because we have this small, quaint, hometown feel that you can’t find anywhere else. For our grocery shopping, we do cross the bridge to get into Rockaway to Shop and Stop on Beach 73rd. I got married and had my children in the community where I grew up. I love it! BC is one of the best places to live, and the quality of life we have here can’t be replicated anywhere. Forever a BC girl!”



Operating Engineer & Father

Broad Channel, NY

I have been a Broad Channel resident for 10 years, and my family has lived here for over 120 years. Why not live in BC? It’s a beautiful community with a small, hometown feel. Everyone here is very family-oriented. We have beautiful views of the city and the water. I have raised three children here and have had no problems in this community. All my children are involved in multiple sports with the Broad Channel Athletic League. We have multiple sports opportunities for children here from softball, basketball, football, everything! My family utilizes the bay 100 percent, from kayaking, fishing, swimming, BC has it all for adults and children alike. One of the best amenities of living in BC is you have water sport opportunities right out your front door. I was born and raised in Rockaway, but now only go out there for sports activities for the kids. I grew up on Rockaway Beach. Been there, done that. Now, I am just content to raise my kids in one of the best kept secret waterfront neighborhoods in New York.”



Homemaker & Mom of Twins

Broad Channel, NY

“I am not originally from Broad Channel, my family is from Woodhaven. My husband and I moved here a few months before Hurricane Sandy, and believe it or not, after going through that horrific ordeal, we never had a desire to leave. Even though Sandy really debilitated the neighborhood, this community is like no other. If we lived somewhere else after going through Sandy, we might not have stayed. However, the support and camaraderie we received as residents from our fellow neighbors is nothing short of amazing, and this is why we never left. Though we were newcomers, and did not endure any of the past storms like Irene or nor’easters our neighbors endured, in our hearts we knew we could never leave. BC is such a beautiful place and where else can you be so close to the water, which is literally your backyard. Residing at the bay, we have a beautiful view of Manhattan. We moved here because of friends, who for years, encouraged my husband and I to move here. They kept telling us that the community is so beautiful, family-oriented, and they thought we were a perfect fit. After I got pregnant with twins, we found a beautiful house that we fell in love with, and now we are very happy here, both before and after Sandy. As for going over to the bridge to Rockaway, who couldn’t resist? The beach, boardwalk, concessions and local shops are major draws. I feel my family gets to enjoy the best of both worlds. The quaint, small town ambience of BC and the summertime energy of Rockaway!”



Art Gallery Manager & Father

Broad Channel, NY

“I am originally from Rockaway, but have lived in Broad Channel for 12 years. I have family that lives here, and it is the best neighborhood! It is so beautiful, family-oriented and everybody helps each other out. The aftermath of Sandy is a testimony of how strong, resilient and loving the BC community is. In BC, everybody knows each other. We all look out for each other’s kids. This neighborhood is a safe haven for our families. As for going to the beach in Rockaway, I grew up on the beach, so I know the area well. My family and I do go out there, but here in BC we have boating and kayaking, so there’s a lot for us to do here as well. I used to surf in Rockaway before there were even established surf beaches. Back in the day, we used to go down to surf on Beach 38th Street. As for the connection between Rockaway and BC, most of us have families that live on both sides of the bridge. So we will forever be connected. However, that being said, I love BC. We’re such a close-knit community where you can raise your kids in a safe environment that they will love and remember for years to come!”

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