The literal flood gates have been opened and the world has gone bat-shit-crazy for wave pools after the huge success of Kelly Slater’s Wave Co. and the Wavegarden technology, first released as a concept in Spain, but now commercially viable installations in Wales, UK and also in Texas called N-Land.

What’s happening now is insane. While all three of the above mentioned wave pools use technology of basically pushing, or dragging, a monumental ballast in a linear motion to upheave the water to create a wall of water, it’s then up to the bathymetry (underlying surface contours) to “shape” the wave into a barrel or big open face for carving. The insane part is that they have broken ground in Australia for a wave pool that uses circular

Sure, we all think we know how tides work, the gravitational pull of the moon and its cycle around the earth, how our home break works best on what tide and swell combination. But here’s something cool to know, there are more than 400 astronomical cycles that influence the tide.

A great new book called "Tides: The Science and Spirit of the Ocean," by author and surfer Jonathan White, goes into great depth about all the variables associated with tides, tidal bores and inland water ways. It

So the latest on the street is that Surfline just acquired Magicseaweed, one of its competitors in the surf forecasting business. Might not sound like much, but having independent companies trying to have the best forecasting models is big business these days, at least compared to the local phone numbers one would call to get a report only 15 years ago.

Surfline acquired Magicseaweed from the Australia-based SurfStitch Group. SurfStitch overshot things by trying to merge surf forecasting with

The Rockaway Beach Bodysurfing Contest on Saturday, September 9, was a YUGE success. One of the most gorgeous days of the year, spectacular surf in the five to seven foot range, thanks to Hurricane Irma, and the stoke level of the contestants and spectators was through the roof. There were a total of 72 contestants and it was no easy feat in the rough ocean.

They came in all sizes, and what’s great about this contest is that they’re all competing against the ocean as equals, no divisions. The

Yep, Kelly Slater and his company, the KSWAVECO, have muscled their influence and technology to host a World Surf League (WSL) competition event as part of 2018 Championship Tour (CT) calendar.

Early reports were that it was in addition to the 11 scheduled events worldwide, but a new release about the full tour shows it’s technically replacing an event, the Trestles Hurley Pro.   "Based on the results of our test event this year and the feedback from surfers training at the facility throughout

Yep! One crafty little guy named Zach Ostroff did it with the help of some scientists, engineers and designers. The goal was to create the world’s first truly sustainable surfboard construction, with the first 3D printed, compostable and recyclable board – built using algae and eco-friendly bio-resins.

Called the "Dolphin Board of Awesome," the board is made up of printed parts in algae filament that are then pieced together with bio-resins. Zach told MagicSeaweed, "The material we used for

I always kinda snickered at the thought process that government needs to protect us from ourselves, but recently I can see the value in this thinking. But maybe there needs to be a different and expanded approach to this thinking, rather than just preventing people from doing something so they don’t get harmed.

On May 19 around 6 p.m. when all the concessions were excited about opening for the season, I went surfing on my new longboard on my block at Beach 96th Street. I paddled out, waited

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