Great Music, Food, Fun and Bonding Set for Night Out Against Crime


What better way to kick off the first day in August than with the National Night Out Against Crime 2017 celebration with our local officers in blue and the community?

Both 100th and 101st Precincts’ Community Councils, serving the Rockaway peninsula and Broad Channel, have quite a bevy of fun and yummy, jam-packed activities planned for local adults and children with New York City’s finest next Tuesday, August, 1.

This annual event, celebrated across the U.S. and Canada since 1984, aims to build awareness about crime prevention, and strengthen police and community relations.

From 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., at the parking lot across from the police station on Beach 94th Street, the 100th Precinct will host quite an extravaganza with a bouncy house, obstacle course, rock wall, photo booth, live music and free delicious food.

Joe Young, 100th Precinct’s Community Council president, encourages everyone to come out and celebrate this robust gathering between local officers and the community. “We want everyone to come out, get to your know your local officers and have fun. Our officers too, have families, and serve us everyday to make our community safe. This will be a great night, when we can all come and get to know each other as one community supporting each other.”

The 101st Precinct is hosting their celebration at O’Donohue Park on Beach 17th Street and Seagirt Boulevard from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. There will be a talent show, zumba with Rockaway’s popular zumba lady, Lisa G., DJ music by one of our officers in blue, free food catered by Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar restaurant chain, and a community resource fair organized by local officials and health agencies, plus information on crime prevention programs from the local precinct.

Victor Boamah, 101st Precinct's Community Council president, says that this event is a great platform to improve interaction between the local police and community they serve. “We are thankful for our officers, who go out there everyday to protect and serve us. We need to continue to work hand-in-hand. Without the community, there would be no need for the police, and without the police, our community could not survive. Celebrating National Night Out Against Crime is a great way to highlight the successes we’ve had and the challenges ahead — all with the goal of build a lasting and strong relationship. It’s a two-way street for both the police and locals,” Boamah said.

Come out and celebrate next Tuesday for National Night Out Against Crime. Both Young and Boamah attest that though there will be loads of fun, music and food for children and adults alike, this event is more about fostering positive community partnership, understanding and safety.

Boamah said, “Everyone come out! Take this opportunity to get valuable information on ways to work with the local NYPD and ultimately keep our neighborhoods safe.”

For more information, contact 100th Precinct Community Council President Joe Young at 718-318-4233 and 101st Precinct’s Community Council President Victor Boamah at 718-868-3441.

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