Fit Food Comes to Rockaway


 Now that you’ve spent the summer overindulging in concession food and alcohol, you might be thinking about treating your body better. Just in time, The Fit Food Kitchen is here.

Mary Edwards, who has long been helping people get fit at her gym, Rockaway Gliders, has taken it to the next level. On Tuesday, September 5, she opened The Fit Food Kitchen, a food stand located next to the gym at 114-04 Beach Channel Drive. The new food stand is your go-to for healthy, natural cuisine that you don’t have the worry about prepping yourself.

Edwards makes eating healthy fun with a creative, delicious menu. “There are many that think eating healthy means eating a salad or juicing, but we want to break that stigma and show people what eating clean or healthy can be,” Edwards said. The menu features a different meat or vegan option each day. The current menu puts a twist on Asian, Italian and Mexican cuisine by making them healthier. For instance, on Tuesdays, you can grab a cauliflower fried rice bowl with skinny sesame chicken or the vegan version with teriyaki shitake mushrooms. On Thursdays, try the sweet potato nachos with grass fed beef chili or three-bean vegan chili with fresh guacamole. Fridays are for kale pesto bowls featuring cauliflower rice with roasted summer veggie and chicken or chickpeas, topped with a vegan kale basil pesto. Any weekday, you can also grab a chia seed pudding or a detox water.

While the food stand is new, Mary’s fit food is not new to the peninsula. “I’ve been offering meals to people through the gym since I opened it, but I wanted to open it up more and offer it publicly,” she said. “The concept is for people to come work out and leave with a healthy meal, but you don’t have to work out at all. Anyone can just come and have a healthy meal. Rockaway hasn’t had many places where you can just strictly get healthy food. There’s no alcohol or sweets, just healthy, yet delicious stuff. Rockaway has needed this.”

What are the benefits of Fit Food? “Everything is based on clean eating. I use all natural ingredients, no fake stuff, no junk. Obesity and other health problems are often caused by processed food, chemicals, preservatives and junk. This has none of that. It’s not only good for maintaining a healthy weight. It’s about showing people how to eat cleaner to avoid other health problems.”

Edwards makes all of the food herself, but has some help from her assistant sous chef, Brianna O’Connell. Currently, the Fit Food Kitchen is only open Monday through Friday. The welcome window is open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., but they offer free delivery in the evening for people who can’t get there during the day. Call or text 718-564-4742 to order.

“Some people may have this idea in their minds of food they don’t like, but maybe they’ve just never had it prepared the right way. This is food that’s prepared in a way that doesn’t make you dread eating healthy. It tastes great and you’re going to feel full and satisfied. The body truly is a temple and you should be nurturing it by proving it with healthy meals. Don’t be afraid to try it,” Edwards said.

By Katie McFadden


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