Alphabet is the parent company of Google and all powerful, but even though Google is everywhere, that is not what I am talking about here. I am talking about the actual alphabet, you know, A, B, C, D, etc., etc., etc. We learn the alphabet at the earliest age, and it’s re-enforced in grammar school by a very powerful reminder. It’s the seating order that we all were put in regardless of the school we went to. Our last names were alphabetized and we sat in alphabetical order. And for most of our grammar school years, we sat behind the letter before us and in front of the letter after us. For me, Pastina was squeezed in between O and Q.

I say that the alphabet is powerful, because this seating order, lasting in some cases for eight years

In 2003 the guys who created the “Spinal Tap” movie produced the epic movie “A Mighty Wind” that was a "mocumentary" on the folk music scene in the sixties. The movie is pretty funny in the same tradition as some of the other movies that Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy have concocted such as “Waiting for Guffman” and “Best in Show.” But the movie could also be the title of the current Rockaway weather pattern, that is, rain or shine, there is a mighty wind that blows through these

Ever see those beautiful long, nautilus type shells along the shore here in Rockaway? We all love them, and sometimes pick them up and decorate our homes with them. In some cases, those shells are known as whelks, and were once ignored by fisherman as they searched for shrimp, squid and octopus. You see the squid could be turned into calamari, which served fried with red sauce, is an Italian staple. And polpo, served cold or hot, is the octopus that is found on many Mediterranean menus. Ever

I think everyone has seen the movie, "A Few Good Men," the military court drama starring Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson. There are so many great lines in that movie. One of my favorites is: “If Santiago was in no grave danger, then why did he have to be transferred off the base?” It’s what eventually trips up General Jack. But more on the movie later.

As you may have noted, I have been away for a while. I have to tell you that I truly appreciate it when someone comes up and mentions a certain

The soft breezes finally came after all that rain. The waves tucked in and lengthened across the sand bars allowing the young ones to play in small lagoons formed at the shoreline. The sun got hotter, the sand, what’s left of it, got warmer, and the ocean looked friendlier. Yes, it seems that almost despite Mother Nature, summer has indeed arrived.

Families gathering, generations coming together, teenagers showing off, grandmothers sitting with blankets on in the sun. Crinkly noses burned by

Back in the day, being the boss meant you had the biggest office in the firm. Over time companies realized that walls were keeping people apart, not allowing them to be collaborative and creative together, so they took down the walls. And thus, the modern open office cubicle structure was invented. Mike Bloomberg was the poster boy for this movement when as Mayor, he had his desk in the middle of a space in City Hall with all his staff around him. But let’s be honest, those environments are

In 1835, after almost two centuries of European colonization from the Dutch and the English, a rip-roaring fire erupted in lower Manhattan that burned everything to the ground from Broad Street to the East River. It was a devastating fire that destroyed homes, businesses and the architecture of old New York that the Dutch had first established. The only thing that saved the west side of Broad Street was the fact that the street was so broad that the fire couldn’t leap across it. But with that

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