Typically, I don’t like to leave the peninsula on a holiday weekend, even though that was not always the case. Back in the day I would think nothing of piling the kids in the minivan and driving to a far-off location for some family fun and adventure. But with the kids out of the house, I really enjoy being home and soaking up the beauty of our small slice of paradise here in Rockaway.

This year however brought us invitations to two destination weddings, a sure sign that we have arrived at an age when as they say it’s either wakes or weddings; and we certainly prefer the latter. The first wedding earlier this summer took us a to a location we had never been before, so it was an adventure! And the wedding itself was a blast, with people

How are you feeling today? Have you been working out; eating right; getting enough sleep? These are the questions we either ask ourselves or are asked of us every week. And so, we try, sometimes, despite the occasional Oreo, to eat better, work out, even if it is just walking more and sleeping better.But no matter how hard we try sometimes we just don’t feel right. So, we look for other answers, because the last thing in the world you want to hear is that maybe it’s just all in your head!


Ok you’ve taken the ferry to Manhattan, it’s been a great ride, you’ve eaten at Stone Street, walked Wall Street, gone to Ground Zero, and now the question is: what to do next? You would like to go to a museum, but the really good ones are all the way uptown. Well, how about a few smaller, lesser known ones in walking distance from the ferry! Check these ones out.

The South Seaport Museum is an often-overlooked museum. Most people don’t even know it’s there. It’s right at 12 Fulton Street, in

I am like most red-blooded American men in that I like a good steak, a hot dog, a hamburger, chicken and most meat products. I don’t like to think about how those items came to me, or what the process was, or even if any of that stuff is any good for me; if it tastes good, that’s good enough for me. Sometimes it’s just the memory of something tasting good, because not every steak is a good one.

So I was in for a bit of shock when I came home to the announcement by the mermaid that she was

People often ask me – Lazer, where do you come up with this stuff? Family members who know me well, realize that I had full access to all types of fairy tales prior to the Internet and Google. In fact, they would joke that I would make stuff up so much that they began calling my well researched answers: Loogle. Very funny, my family!

But truth be told, I now have to more thoroughly research what I tell people, because they can immediately fact check the veracity of my statements. This has led

 When I asked my friend what he would like to do for his recent birthday he quickly responded with “Peking Duck!” I said, "Peking Duck?" Yes, he said, 28 Mott Street. And so, we went to the heart of Chinatown on Mott Street just around the corner from the “bloody angle” on Doyers Street. What’s that? You don’t know about the “bloody angle?” It was the sight of many Tong or gang wars in the early 20th century. Now a peaceful haven of restaurants and shops, its history goes back to the earliest

The definition of a “community” is typically a group of people who live in the same area and interact with each other. The modern world has extended that definition to include electronic communities such as the social media worlds of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat among others. Within communities there are sub-communities. Here in Rockaway there are many sub-communities.

The Rockaway community-at-large extends from the most eastern tip of the peninsula all the way to the most western tip and

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