Brexit ? What about Rockawexit?

The Lazer Speaks

 If you haven’t noticed recently the Brits, the bad guys in the play Hamilton, and more recently our best friends, decided to “exit” the European Union. Great Britain, a true democracy, put the vote to the people: and 52 percent voted to leave. Majority wins! Unlike the United States, which is a representative democracy, meaning that we vote for people who vote for us. Remember Al Gore winning the popular vote but George Bush winning the Electoral College? Big difference! Not that I was upset back then, I voted for Bush and still believe he kept us safe.

It seems the Brits were fed up with being overrun by immigrants. Guess they haven’t figured out those folks coming to their island are not immigrants just former colonized citizens from their former Empire. I personally have heard cabbies driving those iconic black cabs moaning that no one is from England anymore. Of course, they were telling that to someone who had just arrived in their country. Go figure!

They also were fed up with their legislators, or MPs in Parliament, being overruled by the EU in Brussels. Can’t say that I blame them on that point. Interestingly enough the folks in Scotland, Northern Ireland all voted to stay in the Union, while England proper did not. The young voted overwhelming to stay, while the older folks wanted out. The young realized that it was to their benefit to be able to go to any country with a EU passport to find work. The older set had a romanticized vision of the “sun never setting on the British Empire.”

Certainly impacts the rest of Europe, for sure. Their reaction was swift: “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out,” The Greeks were going to do the same back in 2008, but they really needed those loans from the EU to open their ATMs back up, and to keep the tourism alive.

Definitely impacts Ireland who will remain a EU country. But their relationship with Northern Ireland could be impacted, since they are no longer all part of the EU and now will be considered different countries: one in the EU and one not. Scotland and Wales will probably look to separate again. In fact, I believe they are running Braveheart videos 24x7 there now.

Trump thinks this proves what he has been saying all along. Keep the immigrants out; make America great again; blah, blah, blah. Hillary didn’t see the vote going that way at all. But we do need Britain, and we need a strong Europe. They say it will take two years to figure out the divorce proceedings. Guess we’ll see.

But maybe the Brits are on to something here. I mean think about, Staten Island has been trying to secede from New York for decades. Maybe Rockaway should think of exiting Queens maybe even New York. We could hook-up with Britain! They are losing all their colonies again; maybe they would like to secure a foothold in the New World? I figure they got the message about no taxation without representation, someone from there must have seen Hamilton?

Just think about the boardwalk. The federal government awarded about $450 million, yet it only cost about $200 million to do the boardwalk. Where did the other money go? Hello City Hall! Yeah, I know you are probably saying we need firemen, policemen, and sanitation men: but, we have a large number of those people already living here; now they can work here too!

We would need our own mayor. Someone could run on a platform of keeping the hipsters out. Maybe we can get Trump to build a wall. This way we could be like Britain: fiercely independent, proud of our islands’ heritage, keeping Britain for the British and Rockaway for the Rockawayites!

On second thought, lets keep those bridges open!

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