Party Like It’s 1999!!

The Lazer Speaks

 The Dow Jones, as of this writing, has zoomed close to 20,000! Who could ever have imagined? If the Dow was an individual stock, the Board of Directors would be talking about splitting the stock, but such is not the case. Sometimes numbers can attain a significance all of their own. I mean it’s only a number, right? But, it seems unimaginable for the market to be at those levels. Thank you Donald for bringing us back to the heady days just before the turn of the millennium.

In those good old days we partied, well, like it was 1999! And following that maxim, I began the party circuit myself with the Rockaway Times Holiday Party at Bungalow Bar. First off, let me say that Bungalow has done a great job decorating for the holidays. If you want a little of the Christmas spirit, head over there this season. Second, what better group to celebrate with than the staff and associates of the Rockaway Times? Think about it, newspapers are supposed to be a relic of the past, forgotten by technology and the Internet, who would ever work for one, no less start one. But the Rockaway Times has proven that people do like newspapers, and they like the Times. And what a great group of people, a mixture of gray-haired experience and youthful exuberance, the staff and writers have a collegial feel that entrepreneurs truly hope for! I just don’t know how they all fit into that little office on Beach Channel Drive? Can’t wait for the next gathering of literary lions!

My next stop was at the Belle Harbor Yacht Club with the Graybeards. It has been fifteen years since the Graybeards came into existence and they have done so many wonderful things for this and other communities. This holiday party was a small gathering of Graybeards, many who were there at its founding years ago, and I was happy to spend time with old friends. As always there was a theme as unwrapped gifts were collected for those less fortunate. These guys do so many things that you never even hear about. After fifteen years sometimes you take things for granted, but not this group. They stay alive and vibrant, and the bonds of fraternity are strong. If you have never been to their annual dinner dance, I encourage you to attend. It is a great party and chances are you will know everyone there. And you will be helping the organization in raising funds to help those in the community. It’s at El Caribe this year on January 28. If you go, don’t eat for three days before, because the food is off the charts!

And speaking of taking things for granted, the Belle Harbor Yacht Club is truly a jewel of this neighborhood and sometimes gets overlooked. Founded in 1904, the Yacht Club management team and staff have totally revitalized this beautiful, yet yacht-less club! The first floor is festive and fun, and the second floor lounge is the best-kept secret in all of Rockaway. They run some great events during the year including comedy nights and concerts for everyone to enjoy, not just members.

My next adventure brought me into Manhattan to Harry’s Café at Hanover Square for a gathering of old work friends. If you have never been to Harry’s you should put it on your list for 2017 if not sooner. The name sake, Harry Poulakakos, still walks the many rooms of the restaurant and bar and greets his clientele like they are old friends, and in many cases they are. The legend says that when times were hard on the street, many of the “regulars” couldn’t pay their tabs. Harry carried those tabs until the traders got back on their feet, and they repaid Harry many times over for his friendship and generosity. There is a great painting of Harry’s before the place was renovated a few years ago. If you go, make sure you check out the painting. I think you can spot a few Rockaway and Breezy Point faces at the bar!

Well, ‘tis the season, and with the market zooming ahead, it looks like the President-Elect is doing exactly what he said he would do, making America great again…one party at a time!!

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