On June 15, the New York City Council's office of Recovery and Resiliency held a joint hearing with the Council's committee on Parks and Recreation at City Hall.

Council chairs Mark Treyger, Chair of Recovery and Resilience, and Mark Levine, Chair of Parks and Recreation, did an awesome job! They held NYC Parks, the Mayor, and the Army Corps of Engineers quite accountable and stressed a keen sense of urgency. They reminded all those under oath that the communities that are affected, are paying very close attention.

I want to commend Councilmembers Eric Ulrich and Donovan Richards for representing their districts on the peninsula at the hearing. While Councilman Richards' concerns are certainly substantial along the shore in the Beach 20s

Santa came to the Rockaway peninsula early this year with a big bag full of money for Rockaway Recovery and Rockaway Resilience!  The money in Santa's bag is what is left over from the extra 200 million dollars given to Rockaway by way of NYC to rebuild the Rockaway boardwalk after it was obliterated during Superstorm Sandy.

To refresh your memories, the City of New York asked FEMA (Federal Office of Emergency Management) for 280 million dollars to rebuild the Rockaway boardwalk and FEMA sent

Cayuga Capital (owner of the Playland Motel) is the latest company to become "Poverty Pimps" as they were called at a recent meeting, by way of the Department of Homeless Services (DHS)!

Of course, who can blame them? They are in the business of making money. For that matter, aren't we all in the business of making money?

I like money, you like money! So what's the problem? I work for my money. I go to work at the end of the week, I get a paycheck, then pay my bills on my home. Simple!

Earlier this year I became President of the Rockaway Beach Civic Association (RBCA). I have the pleasure and honor to serve with some of the most amazingly dedicated volunteers to civic duty on the peninsula.

In case you were wondering, the RBCA's primary focus area is Beach 73rd Street to Beach 108th Street-Beach to Bay.

This time of year you can imagine there is a lot to deal within the RBCA's focus and we really have to step up our game quite a bit! We have, by far, the greatest

The more I get to hear Councilman Eric Ulrich speak, the more I realize how truly lucky we are. Not only are we fortunate to have him represent large parts of the Rockaway peninsula and Broad Channel, but that he represents and fights for all of NYC.

His staunch opposition to the de Blasio administration's bad policies and handling of the City's homeless problem is spot on! His opposition of the administration’s mishandling to the Build it Back program is inspiring! His opposition to the

 Build It Back is essentially out of money. Over the past three weeks I have testified twice about what a fiasco the Build it Back (BIB) program really is.

The first hearing was at City Hall, at the Recovery and Resilience hearing on the status of BIB, where the Chair of the Recovery and Resilience Committee heaped praise on the director of BIB Amy Peterson. It was really odd to hear Committee Chair Councilman Treyger heap praise while asking Director Peterson why the program was in such

On a serious note: Seems there has been a lot of premature reports circulating around social media about the final results of the 2003 Rockaway Beach- Jamaica bay reformulation Study. Yes, we all are waiting patiently to know what the Army Corps will have in store for our shores.

Even if the final report came to us this morning, we'd still have many rounds of public hearings and discussion on the topic for years before we see a shovel in the ground.

Be prepared folks. There will be many

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