Coastal Protection Rally Set for Saturday


For the past five years, and even before then, Rockaway has been calling for better protection for the peninsula. Hurricane Sandy was hard proof of what could happen, and the fight to prevent further tragedies has raged on. On Saturday, October 28, all residents are asked to gather on the beach at Beach 129th Street at 2 p.m., to demand that the Army Corp of Engineers, the New York City Mayor’s office and the New York Parks Department provide better protection for the area. 

Hank Iori, President of the Belle Harbor Property Owners Association, has stated, “The city, state and federal government must come together to demand protection for Rockaway.

Forecasts for hurricanes show significant strength and activity just as the Rockaway Peninsula is becoming a valuable destination. Rockaway has worked hard to rebuild its community and businesses. We urgently need permanent storm protection.

All Rockaway residents are demanding that immediate action be taken for Permanent Berms, Rock Jetties, Storm Walls, Bulkheads Construction, Reefs and Sand Replenishment.”

Their voices will be heard on Saturday at the rally.

Over the past few weeks, petitions have been making their way around the neighborhood for residents to demand protective measures for the peninsula immediately. Residents were instructed to drop the petitions off at the offices of the local newspapers. As we go to press, The Rockaway Times received more than 90 petitions, with more than 425 signatures.

See you Saturday.

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