Local Election Results


The results are in. Some voters came out on a rainy Tuesday, November 7 to cast their vote on Election Day. Mayor Bill de Blasio maintains his reign as mayor of New York City and Rockaway voters came out to say they want Councilman Eric Ulrich to continue to serve the community. Here is a further breakdown of the results of all local elections.



De Blasio slid into victory with 66 percent of the vote to Nicole Malliotakis’ 28 percent. Sal Albanese took two percent of the vote while Akeem Browder, Michael Tolkin, Bo Dietl had one percent each.



Scott Stringer maintains his position as NYC Comptroller with a landslide 77 percent of the vote. Michel Faulkner had 20 percent, followed by Julia Willebrand with three percent and Alex Merced with one percent.


NYC Public Advocate

Letitia James maintains her role with 74 percent of the vote. Juan Carlos Polanco has 16 percent, Michael O’Reilly took eight percent, James Lane with two and Devin Balkind with one.


Queens Borough President

Queens loves Katz. Seventy-eight percent of the vote went to current Queens Borough President, Melinda Katz, while her challenger, William Kregler had 21 percent. Everly Brown had one percent of the vote.


City Council District 32

“I am truly grateful, humbled and honored to serve four more years as your Councilman,” Eric Ulrich said after this victory. “Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!” Ulrich had 66 percent of the vote to Mike Scala’s 34 percent.


Supreme Court – District 11

Queens had a choice of six judges and they voted democrat straight down the line out of the nine choices. The winners are David Elliot, Gregory Lasak, Michael Aloise, Jodi Orlow-Mackoff (who lives in Rockaway!), Richard Latin and Ulysses Leverett.

On the back of the ballot were three very important proposals to vote on, including the controversial proposal to host a Constitutional Convention. Here’s how New Yorkers voted:


Proposal 1 – Constitutional Convention

An overwhelming number voted against Con Con. Eighty-three percent, or more than two million people said NO, with 17 percent, or more than 500,000 saying YES.


Proposal 2 – Cut Public Pensions for Felons

New Yorkers gave the okay on this one, with 73 percent voting YES and 27 voting NO.


Proposal 3 – Modify Forest Preserve Lands

New York was split on this one, but the majority, 52 percent, voted YES to modifying forest preserve land, while 48 percent said NO. There was only about a 100,000 difference in votes.

The above results were reported in the New York Daily News. These reflect the latest results as of press time, when 99 percent of the votes were in.

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