Real Estate Corner What Sold In Your Zip Code


How did 2017 fare for local real estate? Records show that homes went for home pretty hefty prices.

 When houses are sold the selling price becomes public record. What prices don’t necessarily reflect are the effects of family deals (mom sells to son at a deep discount off the market rate) or if there are private mortgages held in addition to a main mortgage. For example, the records say Mary and Tom bought a house for $400,000 and took out a mortgage from a bank. But the real price of the house might have been $600,000. In this case, the seller agreed to hold a second mortgage of $200,000 making the real selling price $600,000. The true sales price listed on public records, therefore, often do not include private mortgages as in the case of Tom and Mary.

According to public records, 232 Beach 147th Street sold for $900,000; 160 Beach 139th fetched $740,000; and 145 Beach 145th sold for $2,435,000. All these sales were in November.  In 11693, recent sales included 84-16 Beach Channel Drive which sold for $660,000; 311 Beach 85th Street closed for $495,000 and 303 Beach 90th sold for $450,000. Also in 11693, 305 Beach 68 St sold for $530,000; 72-30 Burchell Avenue sold for $456,000 and 72-16 Almeda Ave sold for $410,000.

Additional public records show the following recent sales in zip codes 11694, 11693, 11692, and 11691. 133-17 Newport Avenue sold for $770,000; 135-11 Cronston had a selling price of $578,000; and 182 Beach 128th sold for $800,000. In 11693 recent sales included 96-13 Rockaway Beach Boulevard, which sold for $650,000. 316 Beach 92nd Street sold for $345,000 and 155 Beach 92nd Street sold for $554,947. The zip code 11692 showed the following: 69-50 DeCosta Avenue went for $160,000; 70-10 Coral Reef Way sold for $821,000 and 6518 DeCosta Avenue sold for $572,500. Recent sales in 11691 include: 448 Beach 44th Street, which sold for $334,000. 491 Beach 44th sold for $471,450 and 531 Beach 43rd sold for $273,000.

In some other interesting real estate news, in November, NYC Housing Preservation and Development announced a list of Broad Channel homes that have been bought out by the City after being destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. These properties include 20-14 Demerest Road, 325 Bert Road, 12 West 12th Road, 12-04 Church Road, 10-11 Cross Bay Boulevard, 13 East 10th Road, 14-16 Cross Bay Boulevard, 10 West 12th Road, 56 West 18th Road, 610 Walton Road, 506 Cross Bay Boulevard, 112 Noel Road, 18 East 6th Road, 101 East 7th Road, 115 East 6th Road, 9 Noel Road, 540 Cross Bay Boulevard, 206 East 6th Road and 11 East 9th Road.

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