Achieve Your Rock Fitness Goals for the New Year


January 1 for many of us is a time to press the reset button, and vow to commit to a host of New Year’s resolutions. According to a recent survey from YouGov, the online polling firm, 32 percent of Americans said they weren’t planning on making New Year’s resolutions, which means the other 68 percent did. And what topped the list? Thirty-seven percent (unsurprisingly) pledged to eat better and exercise more to lose weight.

However, according to local gym, Burn Fitness co-owner, David Riley, why wait for January 1 to hurriedly join the gym and burn out before even Valentine’s Day arrives. “From my perspective, I believe people put themselves under this self-inflicted pressure to join the gym once the new year rolls in. I believe folks who make these ‘do or die’ resolutions are setting themselves up for failure. After all the holiday feasting, they gain a few pounds and then all of a sudden on January 1, feel obligated to join the gym to make these crazy goals of how many pounds they want to lose in a month, two months, six months. Then by a few weeks in, they give up and pledge to try harder next year.

“I tell people, get off the couch and just do it when you are fully ready to commit, not because you have to, but because you sincerely want to. You have to commit yourself physically, mentally and spiritually if you want to really change the quality of your life, and it does not have to be on January 1. It could be any time of the year. The focus should not be on the date you join, but on why you need to join. For example, instead of focusing on just how you would look if you lost a few pounds, focus on how great you would feel. Physical activities like climbing the stairs, playing with your children, jogging, etc. wouldn’t wear you out like before. Cardiovascular and weight training have so many health benefits, which outweighs just sitting on the coach and praying for motivation. Just get up, join, get a buddy if you need to, and get ready to feel good about yourself,” Riley said.

He continued, “It doesn’t mean you have to gear yourself to gallop on the treadmill for hours. Try joining a class like swimming, yoga, spin, kickboxing, whatever. Just keep trying until you find something that fits you and suits you. Also many people experience gym anxiety. Some people feel more comfortable in a small gym setting, while others prefer the opposite. Again, explore and find your fit to accomplish your goal of being fit.”

Many fitness facilities on the peninsula do offer New Year’s incentives in terms of reduced prices and waiving joiner’s fees, and The Rockaway Times rounded them up just for you:

BURN FITNESS (103-32 Rockaway Beach Blvd/ 718-318-2200)

Burn has no joiner's fee, and offers additional discounts to FDNY, NYPD, DSNY, Department of Education workers and seniors.

Sign up for three months for $185, two months for $110 or monthly for $60.

HOT YOGA ROCKAWAY BEACH (181 Beach 116th Street/ 718-945-9642)

In celebration of their eighth anniversary, on January 8, Hot Yoga is offering 60-minute $8 yoga sessions: 7:30 a.m. Vinyasa, 9 a.m. Hot26, 4:30 p.m. Burn and 6 p.m. Hot26.

CROM PHYSICAL CULTURE (217 Beach 92nd Street/ 718-945-1700)

CROM is kicking off its six-week Transformation Challenge on January 15, which includes all access packages, meal plan, support group, weekly small group training and even a free private orientation. Packages include: One month unlimited Muay Thai, boxing and bag work classes, gloves included for $125/ 28-day Shred Challenge with unlimited shred classes, before and after assessments and health eating guide for $97, one-month all access classes for $135 and three-month all access classes (paid upfront) for $369.

ROCKAWAY GLIDERS (114-04 Beach Channel Drive/ 718-945-2063)

Gliders New Year’s Special (for January only) is offering 10 classes (usually $180) for $135, 20 classes (usually $300) for $225 and 40 classes (usually $600) for $420. Plus, be sure to check out Fit Food for healthy meals, including their breakfast, lunch and dinner for $20 plans.

ROCKAWAY YMCA (207 Beach 73rd Street/ 718-215-6950)

Rockaway YMCA is waiving their $75 joiner’s fee until January 31. Adult singles pay $62 per month, a family of two adults plus two kids pays $102 per month (A family II membership is $102/month with or without children.), Children up to 11 are $280 per year and teens 12 to 17 are $330 per year

YOGA WITH INTENTION w/ RACHEL KRIEGER (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Krieger’s Yoga With Intention welcomes everyone to Wellness in 2018 with an offering of three 60 to 75-minute private yoga sessions in your home or yoga studio for $100 (usually $150-$180).

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