Time To Get Tasty On Tuesdays!


Wondering how to make yummy tortellini soup or even bagels? Rockaway — you’re missing out — if you don’t know about these two smart and rollicking local ladies who serve up not just delicious recipes, but a belly full of laughs, live on Facebook every Tuesday afternoon.

The coy masterminds of the live Facebook cooking show, Tasty On Tuesdays!, are Belle Harbor resident, Lori Eisenberg Creamer and Breezy Point’s Michelle Melendi Kourbage. After just launching their official Facebook page last Tuesday, January 9, with 1,071 members and as much as 5K viewers, these ladies are definitely popping!

Besides, their expertise in demonstrating how to make cooking at home for the family easy and of course, mouthwateringly delicious, these ladies transform from stay-at-home moms to comedians on stage belting out their Southern belle accents (think Sally Fields, Dolly Parton and Julia Roberts in the classic movie, Steel Magnolias) with a few provocative innuendos, “if you know what ah mean… Ever heard of a meat cramp?”

Creamer said that she and Kourbage are stay-at-home moms, who have known each other for 18 years. “Call it coincidence or kismet, but Michelle and I both have three children. Both of our oldest kids are in college and our youngest are both fourth-graders at PS 114. Our littlest ones have been in school together since age 3, and they are who brought us together, not only as friends, but as a blended family,” Creamer said.

So how did this idea for Tasty On Tuesdays! begin? Kourbage said, “We both love to cook for our families and children, and as a spoof, last spring, we recorded this live Facebook video of us cooking together. People liked it to so much, we just got even more creative with each show, and began referring to each other as ‘Tast-ee.’ We experimented with accents, and received a barrel of laughs from our friends watching us. For us, it’s not just about cooking, but entertaining our friends. We don’t have the magic of television, but through Facebook live, it’s amazing how we have captured an audience with no fancy cameras, just with our phones.”

Folks from across the country are already tuning in. In their videos, instead of saying, “each other,” they say, “shother.” They do their classic spin in the kitchen, and even give a plug to friends running their own businesses.

Creamer said, “We love supporting our friends and their budding creative enterprises. For us, it’s not just about cooking and goofing around, but supporting our community.”

In April, they will be cooking up goodies for a fundraising event at PS 114.

Whether you’re looking for food with comedy or comedy served with a side of food, these Rockaway ladies are hot and ready to shock. Tune in to Tasty On Tuesdays! every Tuesday live at noon on Facebook.

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