World Champions Karate Center Creates New Ranks


The study of Traditional Karate is a multi-faceted endeavor. The student goes through several stages of progress. The Kihon (basics) are the first to develop. These are blocking, punching, kicking and stances, which must be mastered. Within each of these basics are a variety of combinations from beginner to advanced level.

The next activity to train are the Kata. The Kata are the basis of any traditional style of Karate. Some are hundreds of years old and come from Samurai training, others are more modern, perhaps only a hundred years or more. In all cases, the Kata were developed by the Masters to develop the basics (Kihon). Each Kata is a series of choreographed movements, which are practiced and memorized. They are meant to develop speed, reaction time, and technique in case of an attack. The Kata develop defense and offense (counter attack) against an opponent. All Kata begin with defense, never offense. As with Kihon, the Kata go from beginner through advanced levels of training. These take months and years to master, and Mastery is recognized with the ranking system: White Belt through Black Belt (and beyond).

A continuing endeavor is the development of the Kumite. Kumi-Te literally means fighting hands. The Kumite (sparring), is the combination of the Kihon and the Kata in a way that the student can develop his or her style according to their ability level. This is always improving and refining. The Kumite is practiced in the Dojo with a variety of others with equal or higher rank.

Weapons training is another part of the education of the Karate-ka (student). As with all the previous aspects of training, weapons are taught from beginner through advanced levels.

The weapons include Bo (staff), tonfa, sai, shinai (bamboo sword), oar and nunchuks, as well as several Chinese weapons.

The promotions on January  28 included Yellow through Brown Belts. The students demonstrated their ability in Kihon, Kata, and in some higher ranks, Weapons and Kumite.

The parents watching were impressed by their children's abilities.

Check out the Karate program for pre-k through adult at the World Champions Karate Center, located at 112-20 Beach Channel Drive or call 718-945-1618. World Champions Karate Center is also on Facebook.

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