Local Lets Her Light Shine in New Children’s Book


Christine Banker, Rockaway mom, wife, artist, poet and designer, now adds author to her list of accomplishments with the release of her first children’s book, “We All Have a God Light.”

Banker uses the unexpected instance of a nightlight burning out and the fear of the dark to introduce the reader to the concept of the God light in all of us—tying in themes of love and connection along the way.

Banker says it’s a simple book with a powerful message, that she hopes starts a conversation between parents and children on the importance of being kind and compassionate.

Ironically, a book about light and connection, love and kindness was born out of frustration at the derisiveness in the current state of affairs surrounding us.

“Everything felt like division,” Banker said. “I realized complaining was doing no good and I needed to take action.”  

Her action first came in the form of a poem, which grew into her children’s book extoling the beauty and “God light” in all of us. But using the word “God,” she found out, was her barrier to having it traditionally published. Many refused, suggesting she change God to more acceptable, less offensive words, such as universe or spirit. 

But this time it was she who refused. “This was part of my frustration,” Banker said. “Why can’t we say God? I believe that there are many people out there that want to use the word, God, and  speak about God’s love and connection freely.” And it’s not focused on any one God, she says. “We All Have A God Light” is for anyone from any religion.”  

 It’s a book of inclusion and more about kindness than a belief in any one god. It’s a book of connection and love. A message about a light within that connects us all that eschews our outward appearance and focuses on what’s inside — because  that’s what really counts.

She uses simple terms to explain to children that we are all created by God, and when we do something nice for someone, we feel good inside. That’s our God light. You feel proud. You feel connection.

“Think about it,” Banker said. “It makes us feel good to do something good for someone else. The person that’s doing the good often feels better inside than the person receiving. That’s our God light.”

If Banker’s book does well, she hopes to spread that God light by helping others. “I hope to pay it forward by helping local charities and veteran groups if this book is successful.”

Although her own children are now in college, she wrote this to send a positive message of what she hopes for her children and her children’s children: A bedtime story with a positive message of love, connection and giving. 

“We all have a God light,” Banker says. Have you found yours?

Banker’s book, which is illustrated by Dave Messing, will be released on Friday, February 9. Go to www.Weallhaveagodlight.com to purchase your book, order your God light nightlight and share your own God light moment. Options for signed copies are available. Also visit: We All Have A God Light Facebook page.

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