New York Arbor to Debut First Exhibit


Spring is about the birth of something new, growth and beauty and on Sunday, March 20, the Spring Equinox Rockaway will celebrate those things with the opening of New York Arbor. The brand new artist’s-run center at 114-07 Rockaway Beach Boulevard will debut its inaugural 2016 Spring Equinox exhibit.

On Sunday, from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m., George Turner will officially open the doors to New York Arbor, exposing all who stop by to the beauty of spring as interpreted by various artists in different mediums. Turner will reveal the six months of work he put into transforming The Creative Clown studio into New York Arbor, a venue for emerging and experienced artists to grow and share their works with the peninsula.

New York Arbor’s exhibits will flow with the seasons and the first one is a celebration of the Spring Equinox. The eight-week display, from March 20 to May 15, will feature the works of Eve Ackroyd, Alice Elisabeth, Janina McCormack, Amanda Ratner, Robert Sarnoff, Joel Stoehr, Emma Swanson and Pamela Williams. The artists range in age and level of experience and come from different backgrounds. Among the mediums are painting, drawing, quilting, and woodworking in the gallery and there will also be photographs, jewelry and wooden creations available in the front retail space. Sunday’s opening reception will be a simple affair that will focus on the artwork as visitors become acquainted with the venue for the first time.

“This inaugural exhibit is a way to introduce ourselves and show people what kind of art gallery New York Arbor will be and to establish our brand and bring an understanding of what an artist’s-run center is,” Turner said. “I’m hoping people are welcoming of spring and celebrate this theme and this natural good vibe that I want to promote. Visitors will be washed over with beauty and will experience a nice feeling as they’re surrounded by beautiful things and people who are trying to bring more beauty into the world.”

Although a painter and woodworker, Turner won’t have his own art on display, but says the work he has put into the space since he bought it in September, serve as his contribution. Turner transformed the once open studio space into a gallery by making the partitions and display walls himself and dealing with the general headaches of starting a new venture. “Getting this done is my contribution. My art is my effort for a greater cause and that cause is to bring beauty to the world. Once I started hanging the artwork this week, it felt amazing. The color and creativity of the pieces and the beautiful people who created them made me feel really good. It made it all worth it,” Turner said.

If you miss the opening reception on Sunday, you’ll still have plenty of time to check out the artwork. The spring exhibit will be on display until May 15. The gallery is open from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesdays through Fridays and 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends. Turner hopes the spring exhibit will inspire others to contribute to the next show, which he expects to be even bigger. The next exhibit will be a celebration of summer and will begin on June 20. For more information, head to

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