The Lazer Speaks


Spring’s Mixed Messages

March 20th into the 21st brings the vernal equinox, that time of year when the so-called solar terminator is perpendicular to the equator, meaning that the edge between day and night is blurred, and marks the beginning of spring.

So it was not completely alien that it should snow on March 20th leading into a spring like day on March 21st. And with all that is glorious about spring and the coming of Easter with little crocus and daffodils poking their heads above ground, giving hope for an end to the dreariness of winter, there was a moment when we lost someone we cared very much about.

And so it was early Monday morning when we received a phone call from the nursing home that Marilyn Timothy had taken advantage of that moment between day and night, so precariously balanced, and left us to join her husband Bill, and her mom and dad. Marilyn was a beautiful human being; she was kind and gentle, caring and reflective, and prayerful. She believed in God with all her spirit, and you felt that when you were around her. And she loved her family very much.

I came to know Marilyn as a result of marrying one of her five daughters. The deal brought me into a family rich with Irish heritage and proud of their New York roots. A little bit crazy too, but I guess I repeat myself. Marilyn’s grandfather owned a funeral home on the West Side of New York, but her dad, a chemical engineer, had other plans and moved to Jackson Heights. Marilyn attended Blessed Sacrament in NY and the College of Mount St. Vincent in Riverdale, but spent a lot of time in the Rockaways Bungalow Colonies. When she married Big Bill of Woodside, they moved to Rockaway to raise a family that eventually reached six.

They worked hard and they never lost their faith. Marilyn was like a second mother to me, always there to help in any way she could. I benefited mostly from Marilyn’s prayers, as I believe she had a direct line to the big guy upstairs. And so its quite a beautiful thing that she passes at a time when snow brings in spring sunshine, and slips out between the day and night, after 90 years of time on this earth. I consider myself very lucky to have known Marilyn, and now I pray for her, but somehow I believe she is still praying for us all, and has a closer seat to make those prayers. And it is so like Marilyn, to not disrupt anything, she passed on the first day of spring and the first day of Holy Week, without interrupting any of the services for Easter. Her family will gather this week, and there will be many stories, perhaps a few beers, hopefully no fights, and many, many hugs. And prayers; prayers for Marilyn, prayers for Old Rockaway, prayers for family. And prayers for the hope that spring brings us, even with snow. Rest easy Marilyn, you’ve earned it.

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