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Get your buckets and shovels ready! The 6th Annual Rockaway Times Sandcastle Contest will be held this Sunday, August 14. And with some incredible prizes donated by local businesses, plus fun giveaways, it should be one of the best yet!

While the contest is typically held on Beach 117th, this year we had to move some things around due to the ongoing construction work on our jetties and dunes. So this Sunday, head to Beach 109th for all of the action! Registration will begin at 11:30 a.m. on

A water rescue has turned into a recovery operation. During the early morning hours of Monday, August 8, 25-year-old Berman Gutierrez was reported missing after taking a dip in the water.

Rescue crews responded to the area near Beach 13th and Seagirt Blvd. at 2 a.m. on Monday after Gutierrez was reported missing. The young man was with friends when he went for a swim, was swept out into deeper waters and disappeared. Crews searched the waters for several hours before calling it off for the

It’s been a rough summer for the birds. The National Park Service (NPS) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) are offering rewards for information leading to the conviction of the person(s) responsible for the intentional destruction of eggs and nests of federally protected birds like American oystercatcher and piping plover, during several incidents this summer.

As part of the latest reward, NPS and USFWS is offering $5,000 for information that will lead to the arrest of whoever

 The dog days of summer can be kind of ruff, but it also makes for a good time to get in those last moments of summer reading. Luckily, “The Ultimate Doggy Directory,” penned by Rockaway resident, Joan Mettler, makes for a lighthearted, fun and easy read, any time of the year.

Dogs don’t have to rely on humans for everything, do they? According to “The Ultimate Doggy Directory,” a guide written for dogs by dogs (and Joan), of course not. If a dog breaks a leg, he can go to a Setter. If they’re


Tomorrow, Friday August 12, we’re naming the Winner of The Rockaway Times Photo Contest.  We’ve invited all photographers who earned a spot in the Top 30. They’ll be able to take home the enlarged photo that was on display in the boardwalk since Memorial Day (and maybe get a Rockaway Times t-shirt). The winner will receive $500 as the Grand Prize and earn bragging rights for at least a year. The public is invited to the final ceremony, too.  The Rockaway Times office, 114-04 Beach

 Firefighter Timmy Klein will never be forgotten. That was clear on Sunday, August 7 when much of Rockaway gave up a bright, beautiful beach day to spend the afternoon at the Belle Harbor Yacht Club for the Firefighter Timmy Klein Fundraiser.

From the back deck to the front, the Yacht Club was packed to the brim with friends, family, fellow Ladder 170 firefighters and neighbors of Firefighter Timothy Klein, who died on the job in April. It was all to support the FF Timmy Klein Foundation


Tomorrow, Friday August 12, we’re naming the Winner of The Rockaway Times Photo Contest.  We’ve invited all photographers who earned a spot in the Top 30. They’ll be able to take home the enlarged photo that was on display in the boardwalk since Memorial Day (and maybe get a Rockaway Times t-shirt). The winner will receive $500 as the Grand Prize and earn bragging rights for at least a year. The public is invited to the final ceremony, too.  The Rockaway Times office, 114-04 Beach


We’ve now got a Top 10 in The Rockaway Times Photo Contest. A total of nine judges (from the Rockaway Times, NYC Ferry, NYC Parks, and Jamaica Bay – Rockway Parks Conservancy) had an excruciating time narrowing down from the Top 30 photos which are on display on the boardwalk. Congratulations to the Top 10 – all of whom will be eligible to win the top prize of $500. The final is scheduled from Friday, August 12. See the Top 10 on Pages 13 and 14.


And we’re already planning next


So, we posted a video of a spinner shark or blacktip (at least that’s what the consensus was from shark aficionados) and the video and story about beach closing went viral and was even picked up by papers in the U.K. The Daily Mirror headline blared: Incredible moment SHARK leaps out of the sea and spins off Queens! Just a few days later the Daily Telegraph amped it up a bit: The US is in the grip of a shark panic amid a sharp rise in attacks and sightings…. beaches were closed after a


The Resilient Edgemere Plan was approved last week by the City Council. The plan, first pushed by the de Blasio administration, could add 1,200 new housing units and improve resilience in the area that has been plagued by floods for years. Community Board 14 Manager Jon Gaska heaped praise on City Councilwoman Selvena Brooks-Powers who negotiated with the city on housing and infrastructure.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, we’d like to hear who has eyes that say the


The Timmy Klein Volleyball Tournament held last Saturday in honor of the fallen firefighter and friend to many was an amazing site to behold. We’re bad at guessing crowd numbers but it looked like a few thousand showed to play and/or join the fun and support the event (which raised money for The Timmy Klein Foundation and the Answer The Call Foundation. Big, big kudos go to the many volunteers and donors.


Sometimes we forget to acknowledge some accomplishments and we’re


It’s hard to keep track of all the annual things we have around here. This Friday, July 8 at 6 p.m. is Thrilla in Camilla! It’s a great night of FDNY boxing for a good cause at St. Camillus (99-15 Rockaway Beach Boulevard). This year proceeds benefit Tunnel to Towers. For tickets, see Also in the St. Camillus lot, next Sunday, July 17 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Assemblywoman Stacey Amato and Senator Joe Addabbo host an annual Rockaway Paper Shredding Day. The electeds

Dear Editor:

(In response to A Different Kind of Rescue) I was one of a few lucky beach goers who watch this "rescue" unfold. Without any whistles blowing or rushing towards the ocean, Brian Gillen and Carol Rappaport, slowly and cautiously approach the surf and methodically navigated the waves. What was so touching was the apparent strong bond between the two of them - the love/respect of the ocean and their trust and caring for one another. Brian humbly demonstrated his dedication to his

Dear Editor:

(In response to Ask the Doc) Disappointed that supplements were dismissed at a time when supporting our immune systems is vital, while being expected to take emergency DNA injections.

Using one agency as the source of disparaging supplements at the time that Senator Durbin is trying to pass a law that would mandate supplements to become prescription drugs appears to show a conflict in the industry.

Healing through less expensive supplements and off patent generic drugs may not

 Dear Editor:

 I’ve just thoroughly enjoyed another beautifully written ode to nostalgia by Jean Caligiuri McKenna (“In the Good Old Summertime,” July 14, 2022). The opening and closing paragraphs, alone, are gems. The warmth of treasured memories is gifted to us in elegant phrasing, and I don’t think that she can write a bad sentence. Each article not only conveys her personal sentiments but also, not far beneath the surface, some valuable social history. It might be a worthy project someday

 Dear Editor:

 In regards to the beautifully written recent piece, In The Good Old Summertime, writer Jean Caligiuri McKenna truly captured the essence of teenage life in post-war Rockaway.

 Through the selfless sharing of her own personal experiences and touching stylings, the reader is transported to a time of summer fun and first crushes which likely still hold a place in the hearts of every girl still residing in Rockaway. And I’m sure the boys remember those girls well!

For the rest of

 Dear Editor:

Good article on the Nocebo Effect (Ask the Doc), where patients can create their dire symptoms psychologically through fear of known side effects. Death is also recorded as a possibility. This is the reason that no medical intervention should be made mandatory and to strictly enforce the right to self-determination.

Joseph Mugivan



 Dear Editor:

 Public Safety is at the forefront of Tom Sullivans’ 2022 Campaign. With the passage of “No-Cash Bail” tucked away in a budget vote in the State government, citizens of our city and state barely had a say in its passage, how’s that for transparency? I would strongly argue that the passage of bail elimination for certain crimes has proven dangerous for the people of Queens and our City as a whole.

Tom Sullivan is running for New York State's 23rd Assembly District, which

Ever since I was a kid, I have loved to watch television. I am not particular either. I have always loved 60 Minutes, CBS Sunday Morning, Reality TV, thrillers, romance, you name it I have enjoyed it. I remember as a small child waiting patiently for TV Guide to be delivered so I could see what each of my shows was going to be about that week. I also remember being disappointed when after the summary it said, “Repeat.” I was also disappointed when my strict mother also read the summary and

Over the years my family, friends and I have all worked in the restaurant industry. I used to say everyone should have to do a semester of hospitality work to become empathetic with the workers and understand walking a mile in their shoes. Unfortunately, not everyone has taken that semester of working in the restaurant industry, so restaurant etiquette is needed. I know so many people in the industry, even my two daughters, so I sent out a few texts to servers from local restaurants and this is

While doing some research for the column, I learned that Mother’s Day inspired Father’s Day. Of course it did. At first, the idea was not well accepted because merchants, of course, wanted to make this holiday a money maker and one florist said, “fathers haven’t the same sentimental appeal that mothers have.”

Over the years, different states and groups have celebrated fathers in different ways but it was not until a woman from Spokane, Washington, Sonora Smart Dodd, a woman with five siblings

With the ferry dropping people off by the thousands, our fabulous concession stands and our new beautiful Rockaway Hotel, this summer is sure to be very crowded. So, we established some beach rules, now let’s get to the beautiful boardwalk.

I saw an interesting comment last week regarding the boardwalk and I could not agree more with the person writing it. Why is the bike lane directly against the railing? It should be in the middle of the boardwalk. But like most things in New York City, no

Part 2

Thank you so much for all of your emails this past week. Special shout out to Eamon and Maureen Charles for sending me an old Belle Harbor Property Owners sign that states, “Please wear robe to and from beach.” Everyone seems to be on the same page with people needing beach etiquette. I just want to note these rules are for everyone, not just our visitors. I just am so happy we had beautiful weather this weekend!

Rule 4: PDAs. Our beach is a public beach, not a private beach on a

 I should have had this column in last week, but I did not know it was going to be such a spectacular weekend.  And I am sure with beach closures and ferry visitors, space will be a hot commodity.

Here is my annual beach etiquette column and it is for all of our new residents and our visitors that were pouring off of the ferry this past week. One loyal reader last year said Kevin should place my column as one of the boardwalk photos, but he has not done that yet. And it is not just for the