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Author: Helen Kilgallen

Be Well Be Happy

My son shared some helpful advice he received from one of his bosses who happens to be 89 years old and yes, is still working in a job he loves. Inspiration is often found in one’s life lessons when passed down to the next generation. I thought I would share some of the words of wisdom in this column. When you meet someone new, treat that person as a friend. Assume he or she is a winner and will become a positive force in your life. We often wait for someone to prove themselves before giving them an opportunity to be part of our circle. Sometimes you will be disappointed, but you will broaden...

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It is a gift to be able to pull back from life and travel to another country on retreat. A dream that came true for myself and daughter as we carved out this special time with one another, practicing yoga, meditating, journaling, hiking, swimming and just being in a safe space that allowed us to appreciate life in a way that I cannot describe with words.  Withdrawing from our devices proved to be a powerful healing tool with limited communication from the outside world. We lived simply but witnessed the amazing landscape within and outside.  It is a memory that will be etched in our minds forever. We...

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A Journey

One of my favorite poems, “The Journey”, is about transformation on so many levels. Whenever I read it in class, it feels powerful and healing. It’s about taking your heart into your hands and walking towards a new life. So often we are stunted by other people’s opinion on how and where we should live. The past few years have taught us all how fragile life can be and now is the time to live the life you have always dreamt of. We tend to postpone until the right time comes but I am a firm believer we have only today. My heart of hearts feels the power of the journey itself. The Journey, “One...

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Autumn Equinox is here. A time of new beginnings. This transition has been said to be highly spiritual. A time of release and renewal. Intense transformation for many of us as we learn to live with less sunlight and prepare to go inside. We begin to reflect on the past and plan carefully for the winter.  As our earth begins to change, so do our bodies. You may have already begun to feel the effects of the changing season. Slowing down, preparing home cooked meals, spending time at home and beginning once again is how we begin. The equinox translates to balance, there will be equal time of day...

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We have arrived in the most breathtaking month of the year.  Thank you for the most magnificent summer. As we move slowly into the next season, let us be grateful for this moment. For those who have lost your loved ones, please know all year long our thoughts are with you. Grieve for as long as you need. You will know when to let go and move forward slowly. We may not know your pain, but we have empathy for you and your loved ones. As I write this column, I am reminded that 9/11 is this Sunday. It will be a weekend of remembering and honoring all those who have passed away on this terrible day....

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