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Airplane Overhead Storage

 The problem: the mad rush to get on an airplane before someone steals the overhead bin nearest your seat. The big idea: Airline storage bins assigned to specific seats. Does anyone really want to be the first one on the plane? What, you just can’t wait to cram yourself into an aluminum tube full of grumpy people, no leg room, highly suspect “food,” and the ever present prospect of hurtling face first into a mountain at 500 mph?  No, we all hate having to suspend our dignity for a few hours in order to reap the joys of far off Caribbean beaches, trendy ski resorts, or Aunt Edna’s fifth wedding. ...

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Play That Music, Baby!

I’m giving you two ideas this week. Now the thing about ideas, so it’s hard to have a truly original one, so rather than try to claim these as my own, I’m just stealing a couple of good ones that you should run to market with.  As far as I can see, nobody’s doing these yet. Want to turn your child into a music prodigy?  Well, first thing you should do is give the little Mozart a baby bottle shaped like a musical instrument. Basically, the base of the bottle would be round and wide and the sides of the bottle would have keys so that when the baby took a drink it would look like...

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Ticket to Success

 Last year, I did some law work in Washington, DC. As a ten-hour total daily commute is not my idea of a good time, I ended up renting a place in College Park, Maryland. My greatest escape from the long hours in the office was the convenient ride on the Metro. When I boarded the train, it felt like the Long Island Rail Road. By the time I arrived in the city, I was, for all intents and purposes, on the subway — without having to transfer. Here in New York, we can learn from Washington. That is not a sentence that often appears in print (a Google search produced no results), and perhaps...

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 The NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) is out of control. Since Mayor de Blasio gave Commissioner Trottenberg permission last year to ignore communities when Vision Zero is involved, DOT has been steamrolling their proposals without community participation. Examples are traffic changes necessitating the rerouting of the Q54 in Woodhaven and the B36 in Sheepshead Bay. Rockaway may be next. The Sheepshead Bay community overwhelmingly rejected DOT’s proposals last June, and today, they are reality. DOT is once again asking us just to trust them that their proposals will make streets safer...

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