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An Easter Story

Back in the early 1960’s I attended Brooklyn’s Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School under the strict tutelage of the De La Salle Christian Brothers, a religious order of men which I firmly believe to this day served as a covert witness protection program where the feds stashed overly talkative but religious members of the Brooklyn Bonanno crime family.  At the time  Loughlin was an all male student high school, the entrance to which should have been emblazoned with the admonition, “Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here!”  The Christian Brothers, replete with perpetual scowls, not only taught most...

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As a youngster I was blessed to have marched up 5th Avenue on March 17th alongside my grandfather with the Ancient Order of Hibernians in several St. Patrick’s Day Parades and in later years accompanied my father with the Police Department’s Emerald Society in numerous others. Additionally, during my 30 years with the NYC Department of Correction I am proud of the fact that I marched up 5th Avenue with the Correction Department’s Emerald Society in over twenty St. Patrick’s Day parades! Since my retirement I have managed to march in five additional parades but, as my knees have since turned...

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This past Sunday was Valentine’s Day, a faux holiday celebration I have always believed was created by an insidious conspiracy on the part of our nation’s candy, floral and greeting card industries. This year, rather than spend my kid’s inheritance like a drunken sailor on candy, flowers, cards, etc., I decided I would attempt to make Valentine’s Day more of an educational experience for the entire family.  On Valentine’s Day morning, as the family gathered in the kitchen of our abode on West 12th Road, I was greeted with the same inquisitive glances I am greeted with each Valentine’s Day as...

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Snakes On A Plane

We all know the types. There’s the seemingly clueless who push something along the lines of a forklift down the aisle of the plane. They’re just following the old joke: carry-on is anything you can carry on. Your eyes haven’t even completed a full roll before you’re hit in the head with the bag they’ve got slung over their shoulder. They walk down the aisle just knocking out one person after another. The really obnoxious ones make sure the zipper on the bag is positioned so it rips at your skin and almost draws blood.

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