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Thanks, With Salt

As tradition has it, myself and my beloved Grace (“She who must be obeyed”) were invited to spend Thanksgiving with other members of Grace’s family. With all that is going on in our country, I spent some time ruminating about the Thanksgiving holiday and how I could make it more meaningful for the entire clan. I realized that, especially now, the holiday presents a “mixed-bag” for folks. For some, it’s a happy celebration of Americana. For others, it’s a chance to gorge on food and watch football. For others still, it’s a reminder that American...

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Say Hello and Thanks

At Thanksgiving, gratitude is the topic on most people’s minds. From social media, to community events, and family gatherings, the emphasis is on how to identify what you’re grateful for and express appreciation. With Thanksgiving only a week away, the Broad Channel VFW Prince-Wynn Post #260 on Shad Creek Road would like to take a moment to acknowledge the service and sacrifice of our nation’s heroes.        Because of their commitment, we can live free and full of hope for the future. Each day is an opportunity to show them how much we appreciate them and to push ourselves to new...

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Last weekend’s 100 Year Centennial celebration at Broad Channel’s VFW Prince-Wynn Post #260 was a resounding success, exceeding all expectations, and so it goes without saying that the men and women up at the Post should be acknowledged for all their selfless work towards making this such a memorable event. A special thank you is also extended to our local wordsmith and reporter, Katie McFadden, for her terrific article (Cheers to 100 Years for VFW Post 260) in The  Rockaway Times last week. Katie’s article played no small part in helping to increase attendance at the event....

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Good Judgment and The VFW

Our friend and neighbor, John Spataro, has announced himself as a candidate for judge of the New York Supreme Court’s 11th Judicial District. John will be on the ballot in the general election next Tuesday, November 5. I have known John and his family for almost two decades now and have worked closely with him addressing several important local issues, most notably our community’s ill-fated fight with the Brooklyn Archdiocese in an attempt to keep the doors of our small St. Virgilius Parish School open. John, along with others, worked tirelessly for hundreds of hours to create a viable business...

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Local Powerhouse Trio Says, “Thank You!” to Beach 116th with New Cafe

While milling around Beach 116th Street, next to Rogoff’s, you may have noticed the nondescript storefront sign, “Thank You Cafe.” Well, let your curiosity lead you in because once you open the door, your visual and olfactory organs will immediately be fixated on the eclectic display of food and scents wafting from the kitchen. From the variety of traditional breakfast, ciabatta and Japanese sandwiches, frittatas, Vietnamese style chimichurri brisket, kale salad, smoked king salmon, sardines with piquillo peppers, and charred grapefruit served with coconut yogurt—ooh la la!—and more, you definitely...

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The Trickster Treating

If it’s early October then we all know that Halloween is just around the proverbial corner. Speaking quite honestly, Halloween was never a big deal holiday celebration when I was a kid. Even as a child, I always thought the whole getting dressed up in a costume thingy was a tad silly but I was enough of a pragmatist to weigh the embarrassment of wearing an outlandish outfit against the windfall of sugary delights that inevitably accompanied the rounds of extortion (aka” “trick or treat”) to the houses and apartments of my neighbors. Surely there was nothing scary or frightening...

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Ageless Wonder

This past Saturday morning, I was taken somewhat aback upon seeing my father’s visage staring back at me in the bathroom mirror while I was shaving. I thought “Oh, hell no, that can’t be me,” and simply assumed that my eyesight must be failing. Now granted, my hair had turned completely white by the time I was 30. At the time it was no big deal as most of the comments regarding my mane were complimentary, such as, “Here comes the silver fox,” and the like. I mentioned this concern regarding my eyesight to my beloved Grace, as well as my two daughters, in the...

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A Place For Veterans

Long ago, the United States shifted from a manufacturing economy to a service economy. We sell products, but for the most part, we no longer make them. However, one thing we continually produce with regularity is veterans. Veterans organizations are almost as old as America itself. The first such groups sprung from the Revolutionary War, when local charities were established to help ex-soldiers with disabling wounds and injuries. But it wasn’t until after the Civil War that vets got organized nationally and started to wade into politics. Union troops formed a group called The Grand Army of the...

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All I really need to know I learn each week in The Rockaway Times. Think I’m kidding? Read on!

All I really need to know I learn each week in The Rockaway Times. Think I’m kidding? Read on! The always informative RT “Factologist,” Sean McVeigh, provided this factoid along with other “Facts You don’t Probably Need” in last week’s paper—”At one point in history there were four distinct species of humans living at the same time.” Think about that for a second. While our Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon, Denisovan and other hominins were sharing ranch style cave dwellings doing all that hunting and gathering, Betty, Barney, Wilma and Fred were...

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