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A Vote for Sullivan

Dear Editor: Tom Sullivan is running to represent the 23rd Assembly District, which covers Rockaway, as well as Broad Channel, Howard Beach, Ozone Park and Lindenwood. While speaking to Tom Sullivan, anyone can see he is running an energetic campaign. Winning The Wave Poll with 58% against Stacey Amato shows that people are turning their backs to the status quo and family dynasty politics. Tom Sullivans’ experience serving our country and his professional business and finance experience makes him the right candidate for the job. His family, which is composed of other public servants, is a big...

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A Vote for Pro-Life

Dear Editor: Lucky for them, the piping plovers have friends or advocates and so do the dolphins and whales. Our community can easily see how they have all thrived in our environment. But where are the friends of the unborn child? Even most “Catholic” politicians have abandoned this part of our human family. Throughout this election we have seen countless politicians falling over themselves to support and demand abortion up to the time of a baby’s birth! Would you be a friend or an advocate for this unborn child? All you have to do is lift a finger on Election Day. Don’t vote for politicians...

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More on Polio

Dear Editor: (In response to 10/13 edition of Ask the Doc) Recently polio has reemerged in the news. A recent article by F. William Engdahl, “Toxicology vs Virology: The Rockefeller Institute and the Criminal Polio Fraud” outlines the link between the use of the pesticide DDT and the “disease” that it caused. Congressional hearings in 1952 questioned whether polio was caused by a virus or external toxins. Less than 1% if victims were ever tested. DDT was created during the War to kill lice to avoid typhus and became rampant for all uses in the U.S. Time Magazine called it the greatest discovery....

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Alma Needs to Refocus

Dear Editor: The Surfside Housing Tenant Association, SHAFT, are happy to know that The Wave’s Rockaway Family Fun/Health & Wellness Day was a success. Despite the weather that day. Rockaway strong! And the Tenant Association is happy to learn that the corporation that owns and manages the homes of our 2000+ Rockaway neighbors recognizes the power of our Rockaway community.  Nick Conway, an executive with the corporation, Alma Realty, reportedly said “support [Rockaway’s] bright future.” Our Rockaway community should know, however, that those 2,000 of us whose homes are managed by...

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More on Barrett’s

Dear Editor: Dr. Galvin gave a nice overview of Barrett’s esophagus (9/29 Ask the Doc), a topic that’s been debated in our gastroenterology practices for many decades. The discussion has escalated recently due to the five-to-seven-fold increase in cases of esophageal adenocarcinoma, for which Barrett’s esophagus remains a risk factor. It’s estimated that 3 to 5% of United States residents have Barrett’s esophagus, yet many show no symptoms, Overall, the risk for cancer in Barrett’s esophagus patients is .5 to 1% per year. Unfortunately, the disease is associated with a 40 fold increase in risk...

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Heartfelt Praise

Dear Editor: The Bender family would like to express our most heartfelt gratitude to our friends and neighbors who have supported us during the past year as we’ve been challenged with medical issues. Until last week, we struggled getting Jack into and out of the house. Luckily, friends including the Graybeards, connected us to The Fight for Firefighters Foundation. This amazing group of active and retired firefighters built a wheelchair ramp that will, literally, be life changing. Thank you to The Fight for Firefighters Foundation and the Klein and Pollard families. We’re honored to be a beneficiary...

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Disappearing Bus Stop

Dear Editor: We often ask what makes a good neighbor? And now we have to ask, “what makes a bad neighbor tick?” About a month ago, the bus stop sign at Beach 145th Street and Newport Avenue mysteriously disappeared. The consequence was that anyone waiting for a bus at the place that formerly had a Q35 bus stop sign risked being bypassed by younger drivers unfamiliar with the fact that this was a legitimate stop. The nearest stops were Beach 147th and Neponsit Avenue and Beach 143rd and Newport Avenue. Disappearance of the 145th Street  stop would make the distance between those stops...

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Dishonest Act

Dear Editor: This week, Congressman Gregory Meeks touted his vote for the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act.”  The problem is the new law will actually raise inflation for two years before its theoretical benefits kick in. People who are struggling to pay bills need relief now, not in 2024. Instead of coming up with dishonest labels for their new spending bills, it’s time for career politicians to undo the damage done by years and years of reckless spending. Huge spending bills (American Rescue Plan, Build Back Better) may make for great press releases, but the bill comes...

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No Parking Service

Dear Editor: Consider four women in their 80s arriving a little late for a theatre performance at Fort Tilden. On one of the hottest days of the year they come out to find their car is gone. Stolen? Consider a man out for bike ride with his nine-year-old daughter through our lovely historic national park there. They ride back and find…their car is gone. Stolen? Consider who knows how many visitors coming to enjoy the cultural, sports, historic, serene shore, natural and otherwise amazing attraction of the national park in our own Rockaway backyard. Then finding themselves stranded, who know...

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