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Enough Repair!

Dear Editor: Has anyone ever counted the amount of times Rockaway Beach Boulevard in the Beach 130s is torn up, repaved, and then torn up again? It is always under construction. Is repair work just on somebody’s calendar and they forget to mark it as complete? It’s ridiculous. Can someone please tell the DOT to fix it and fix it right and then move on! There are other streets, as we all know, which need repair! It’s time Rockaway Beach Boulevard got a rest. Janet Kerrigan

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Wrong All Over

 Dear Editor: Beginning in 2000, I sent photos to the Queens Parks Commissioner of Parks of bulldozers flattening the small dunes on the beach every winter- at considerable taxpayer expense.  Dorothy Lewandowski wrote to me that they were “grooming” the beach.  That seemed an image taken from a hair salon.  One wonders if those natural dunes, left to grow, would have reduced the effects of Sandy.  Let’s not ask if Parks bears any responsibility there.  Now, Surprise! Parks is building sand dunes- at considerable taxpayer expense- but with large gaps between which will allow the sea to flow in. ...

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Moms Appreciated

Dear Editor: Your Boyleing Points column article in last week’s paper made me cry — which is a good thing! As I read your story, I kept saying to myself — OMG– that’s so similar to my family’s story. My dad died when I was 7.  Thank God my mom was there to keep all six of us on track. On behalf of all the moms out there — thanks for your beautiful tribute to your mom.  I hope she had a great day! Ellen Fitzpatrick    

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Here’s To Girt!

Dear Editor: Kudo’s on your article on Gert Hendry.  Gert Hendry definitely made an impact on my life during my teenage years growing up in Rockaway Point.  She started a Teen Club which provided teens an alternative from just “hanging out.”  Gert and Andy were gracious enough to spend most of their time providing a safe comfortable environment to all the teens in the area.  If there was ever anyone in my life who I feel was so influential, especially during those teenage years, it was Gert Hendry.   Gert will always be in my heart.  Thank you Gert for such great memories. Susan Brady

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Choosing A Doc

 Dear Editor: For most people, selecting a good Primary Care  Physician (PCP) is a big decision. Let’s see, what do I want?   A doctor close to home, a doctor that comes highly  recommended by neighbors and friends or a doctor who has  been many years in the community? Do I want a male doctor, or  a female doctor? Some doctor-patient relationships last  many years, and some disintegrate quickly. I felt compelled  to write this letter as I heard quite a few horror stories lately. These scenarios can serve as a word to the wise for  us all. 1] A patient had a PCP for 14 years-The PCP moved  out...

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Rockaway Rant

Dear Editor: Manhattan like Rockaway is surrounded by water. Manhattan’s waterfronts, since Bloomberg, have been amazingly and stupendously transformed, beautified and retrofitted. What about Rockaway’s waterfront?Not one development, it seems to me anyway — not one creative or interesting improvement here in Rockaway since 2000 (or, can I say since 1965?).In fact, Rockaway is not even breaking even!!! Rockaway still hasn’t even returned to her 1960 state of being! Look at the Neponsit home, and how about the twenty blocks of beachfront from Beach 30 to Beach 50, and why is the boardwalk...

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Mad As Hell

 Dear Editor: Can you please publish this in the next paper?  If the perpetrator wants to come forward and apologize, I can forward them a copy of the bill for the new paint job I will need to get. I work in midtown, for many years I took the QM16, but due to the fact it kept its own timetable depending on how the driver was feeling on any one day, I eventually gave it up and proceeded to look for another way to commute.  Next up, the Shuttle or A train from 116th Street, but once again, freezing my butt off on the way home during the winter while waiting for a Rockaway Park train for 30  minutes,...

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Honor Contract!

Dear Editor: Let’s see, the boardwalk in Rockaway Park area will not be finished on time as promised by the City. We would think that the City had a signed contract with a completion date on it for the boardwalk project. Why can’t the company be “held responsibly” to a signed agreement and fined. We believe this should be possible and the additional money should be given back to the affected area of our community Rockaway Park. The money given back could be used on other amenities for the Rockaway Park area due to this outrageous inconvenience. Danny Ruscillo & Linda Ruscillo

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Dare You

 Dear Editor: One reason the Rockaway Times wins awards is the governance of Editor Kevin Boyle.  Although he is master of the personal putdown, e.g, his own best target, he brings his own inimitable style to this paper. I’ve been meaning to commend him for a job well done, and too, for the staff reporting and good content.  Consider it done. And I dare you to print this, Kevin.  Maureen McNelis  

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