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The Rockaway Beach Bodysurfing Contest on Saturday, September 9, was a YUGE success. One of the most gorgeous days of the year, spectacular surf in the five to seven foot range, thanks to Hurricane Irma, and the stoke level of the contestants and spectators was through the roof. There were a total of 72 contestants and it was no easy feat in the rough ocean. They came in all sizes, and what’s great about this contest is that they’re all competing against the ocean as equals, no divisions. The event went super smooth, banging out the heats one after another and the organization of the heat lineups...

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Better Protection? Provide Safety

I always kinda snickered at the thought process that government needs to protect us from ourselves, but recently I can see the value in this thinking. But maybe there needs to be a different and expanded approach to this thinking, rather than just preventing people from doing something so they don’t get harmed. On May 19 around 6 p.m. when all the concessions were excited about opening for the season, I went surfing on my new longboard on my block at Beach 96th Street. I paddled out, waited, caught my first wave that fizzled out near the exposed sticks.  Starting to paddle back out, I see two...

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NOAA Says Above Normal Hurricane Season This Year

With the upcoming Atlantic hurricane season, surfers start to get amped watching all the weather forecasts to see where the next blob of low pressure systems appear and start the hype of when we will get the swell, which generally dooms it to not happen. Superstitious? Maybe, but it’s definitely the process that happens more than the waves actually coming. At any rate, the season starts June 1 through November 30, and this includes Tropical Storm Arlene, a rare pre-season storm that formed over the eastern Atlantic in April. Forecasters predict a 45 percent chance of an above normal season,...

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Innovations In Surfing

 Surfing is such a spectacular event when you really analyze it from as much of an objective point of view as you can. After seeing some of these waves ridden in Nazare, Portugal recently, almost maxing out around 80-100 feet, I am still in awe of not only how surfers ride this stuff, but the very fact this is water, water being pushed up in to the size of mountains. What comes with the physical expertise to ride those waves, and smaller ones, is the technological advances and innovations where surfers keep pushing the limits of the equipment. Two latest announcements this week really push some...

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Kids Contest. This Weekend

The Rockaway Beach Surfer’s Association along with sponsors Locals Surf School will have two surf contests this Saturday. One will be the Rockaway Beach Junior Championships for kids 16 and Under, the other will be the annual Halloween Surf Spooktacular contest which will have both adult and kids divisions. Costumes for the latter contest are strongly encouraged with prizes going to the best costume, best ride and best wipeout. Contest starts 9 a.m. and will be at the main jetty at Beach 90th St. $20 entry fee at the beach, $5 extra for any additional divisions, or you can register here: http://www.localssurfschool.com/surfspooktacular RBSA...

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Junior Comp  is on!

It’s with great delight to mention that we will be running the junior comp on October 29 starting at 9am. Officially known now as Locals Surf School presents the RBSA 2016 New York City Junior Championship. There will be the following divisions, 10&U, 12&U,14&U and 16&U with your age as of the event. With it being Halloween weekend, the boys from Locals have stepped it up a notch and we will be throwing down another surf contest during the day called Locals Surf Spooktacular, which will have kids and adult divisions, costumes highly recommended with great prizes for placeholders...

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Get Those Boards Waxed or Shutter Up?

We are going into an interesting phase in early September as the hurricane belt in the Atlantic is really heating up some storms. While most surfers are praying for hurricane development to bring us waves, sometimes you might want to be wary of what you wish for. The Atlantic has been unusually quiet so far this year despite some weird early activity outside the normal hurricane period, but now it looks like it’s been downing some steroids over the last few weeks. The latest models show some significant issues with T.D.#9, which is currently moving into the Gulf of Mexico. But spaghetti models...

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