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Is This a First?

I’ve been digging around for information on the upcoming topic of bodysurfing and I haven’t found what I would have expected, that there has been a bodysurfing contest in the Rockaways. And I came up with nil. In fact I reached out to Tom Dugan of Eastern Surfing Magazine and as far as he is concerned, he cannot recollect any bodysurfing contest on the East Coast since……forever! So it’s with tremendous pride and delight that I announce that The Rockaway Beach Bodysurf Underground and Rockaway Beach Surfer’s Association will present the first annual Rockaway Beach Bodysurf Contest on Saturday,...

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Can we get a break?

Wow! What a summer it’s been so far. Lots of great warm days, not much swell at all, but at least a bump out there to keep us distracted a little ‘til the music flares up at the concessions to help us forget we don’t have waves. But when we do, by jeebus it gets good here! Which leans towards yet another story on “surfonomics” recently posted on the economist.com website: “The effects of surfers on local economies.” The interesting take on this particular story isn’t that waves help build communities, it’s great waves. And that’s what we have here in Rockaway. The economic authors of the study,...

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2016 RBSA Contest Schedule

 Below are the TENTATIVE dates for the upcoming contest season for Rockaway and NYC surfing. While some of these dates might slide further out of the summer season into fall, this is solely because we want waves for these events, secondly, and because we have only finite space, we need to wait for the “summer” Parks Dept. season to end so we don’t take away vital surf areas. For instance, we technically could say that last weekend was the lowest point in Rockaway surfing history. It was so insanely crowded, it was virtually impossible to get a wave alone, let alone not get hit or hit someone...

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East Coast Summer Stats

I did a little researching after someone from out-of-state asked “Is this what summer is like here for waves?” and what I found wasn’t the most enlightening stats one would like to see. While the Pacific has it’s El Niño (warming) & La Niña (cooling) phases, averaging somewhere around every five years for the intense seasons, the Atlantic has the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO), which is the study of long term change of sea surface temperatures in the North Atlantic. The “warm phase” of the AMO typically leads to more active tropical activity, and obviously the cooling down phase...

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Surfboard’s Special Sauce

This may not be news to any regular surfer, but for those that want to buy a board for yourself, your kid or for someone else’s kid, there’s a special secret that surfboard shapers have been holding onto for a long time, until CAD (Computer Aided Design) programs came out and literally exposed this secret sauce to the public. Usually someone will give you some dimensions of what they ride, you’ll do some fuzzy math in your head like, “OK he’s 5’11”, I’m 5’8”, we’re the same weight and he’s riding a 6’3”, so I’ll probably be OK riding a 6 footer.” Nope! What was lost in that equation are two...

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Rockaway Beach Surfer’s Association Update

Tonight, Thursday July 7 @ 7pm we will be holding our first meeting of the year and discussing many topics and paying members will vote on some new issues along with our RBSA t-shirts. So make sure you attend, bring some friends and get them to sign up for a $20 lifetime membership. Among the updates will be the announcement of the upcoming surf contests for the year. We’re looking at some of the same events and potentially adding a couple of new ones, such as a Bodysurfing contest and a Stand Up Paddle race.  We will be renaming the kids series to reflect the direction we want to take the event,...

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Yep! It’s official kOoK season and there’s no shortage of mayhem out in the water.

Sitting with the family and some buddies over the weekend at the main jetty, watching the carnage of so many collisions and near misses, it was painfully obvious so many of these people are clueless as to what surfing etiquette is and if there are any sort of rules at all. As for the good surfers agonizingly trying to avoid the kOoKs flying down the face at them, occasionally telling that kOoK what they’re doing wrong, only to fall on deaf ears and the kOoK’s going so far as to say “Hey, you’re ruining it for everyone going across the wave!”, it seems as though there is no hope for us decent...

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Rockstock & Barrels Surf Contest Recap

What a great day all around, with this now massive event of Rockstock & Barrels. We were greeted with some OK waves in the 2-3’ size and some chest high sets on the occasion. I had a little trouble in the set-up which caused a delay, some tent legs wouldn’t work and the P.A. I bought for the Rockaway Beach Surfer’s Association decided not to work after charging the battery for a few days, ho hum. But that didn’t stop the action in the water. The idea to do away with quarters, semis and finals made the day so much more fluid, and this could be a go to format for future contests held by the...

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Rockstock & Barrels Surf Contest Update

The surf contest is a GO for this Saturday. The forecast looked grim for most of the week but it looks as though there will be an uptick in some contestable waves in the beginning part of the day, with the tide dropping towards midday and then the afternoon eddy of onshore winds, all this should add a little size to keep those boards moving. The contest will be held at the main jetty at Beach 90th Street and sign ups at 8 am on the beach. To make the day more fun and fluid for the contest we’re doing away with numerous quarters, semis and finals. The Rockaway Beach Surfer’s Association contest...

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