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Brexit ? What about Rockawexit?

 If you haven’t noticed recently the Brits, the bad guys in the play Hamilton, and more recently our best friends, decided to “exit” the European Union. Great Britain, a true democracy, put the vote to the people: and 52 percent voted to leave. Majority wins! Unlike the United States, which is a representative democracy, meaning that we vote for people who vote for us. Remember Al Gore winning the popular vote but George Bush winning the Electoral College? Big difference! Not that I was upset back then, I voted for Bush and still believe he kept us safe. It seems the Brits were fed up with being...

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Very Funny…..

 I awoke Thursday morning to an email that asked, “where’s the outrage” from the publisher of this paper. Still sleepy, I tried to press through the morning fog that is my 9 a.m. retired ritual to figure out what the hell I should be outraged about today. I do not posses a Larry David type outrage mode, so I thought if the publisher is asking I better figure it out. Nothing on twitter, Facebook, or other social media, I finally turned to the source, the Rockaway Times. Perhaps he messed with this week’s column? I was overcome with grief when turning to the page with my column to find it now...

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What If…?

 Remember playing this game? Essentially it goes like this, you think about “what if something was whatever…” I like to play this game in my mind as I cycle around Rockaway thinking to myself several “what if” scenarios. Mind you I have not done anything to try and make these “what if” scenarios come to fruition but it’s a fun exercise. I was back in Greenpoint this past weekend and I learned that Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys was set to play in McCarren Park and do the entire Pet Sounds album. I thought, “what if the Beach Boys were to play in the park?” Forty years ago? No one would believe...

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 Have you ever had one of those dreams where you are familiar with the surroundings but everybody in the dream looks unfamiliar? For instance, I recently had one where I was in church here in Rockaway at a Mass, but as I looked around I realized that I did not know anyone. The faces looked slightly familiar but not enough to actually realize whom anyone was. Psychologists would probably have a field day with me! I remember older Italians telling me stories in Brooklyn that they believed those dream sequences had something to do with the “dead.” Spooky stuff, and very superstitious, but in my...

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New Orleans

 I visited New Orleans for the first time recently and was blown away by the city: its history, its culture, its food, the architecture, the people, and oh yeah, the music too. It truly is a Jambalaya! Take some American Indians, mix in the Spanish, the French, the Creoles, the Arcadian Cajuns and you have about the biggest filet gumbo you can find. Rockaway is a pretty cool place too, but the open container policy in the French Quarter ensures a 24-hour party every day of the year, not just for Mardi Gras. Bourbon Street, named after that royal family in France, is a place where just about...

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Global Warming? Really?

 Ok, its May, it’s supposed to be getting warmer, instead like everything in this world today, it’s the opposite, it’s getting colder! And we are setting records for coldness. And when did the wind become a gale force? Forget about the boardwalk, the ferry, the roads; it doesn’t matter, no one is going outside this summer! Memorial Day is two weeks away and I haven’t put away my winter coat! I suppose the side benefit to the cold weather is that we won’t have to contend with crowds this summer. Who wants to sit on the beach wrapped up like the mummy? Even the whales don’t like it this cold....

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Walking Architecture

 There was literally too much going on in Rockaway this past weekend. I mean, A Taste of Rockaway, Thai Rock, Bungalow Bar, Riis Park Bazaar, and RAA’s Noisy Paint Box. The peninsula was exploding with things to do, not to mention Mother’s Day (a happy belated Mother’s Day to all); and an awesome fundraiser in Breezy Point that proves that no matter what happens on the western end of the peninsula, they have a heart that just won’t quit. Imagine if we had a ferry and a boardwalk? It could be overwhelming. My old neighborhood has to grapple with losing the L train to Manhattan and back, and all...

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Faith comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. Some say you must walk by faith, not by sight; others say you don’t know you have it until it is the only thing that you have left. Faith can be a tricky thing these days with so much at our fingertips through the Internet and advances in science. The type of faith you see in the movies is not the type of thing that happens in real life. But when God tells Moses in the Ten Commandments to lead his people, Moses does it. He doesn’t hesitate, although its good if you are built like Charlton Heston and had been an Egyptian general prior to leading a...

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