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We often hear all kinds of rhetoric when it comes to what is “wrong” with the Rockaway peninsula. Residents in the eastern neighborhoods of Far Rockaway, Edgemere, Arverne and parts of Rockaway Beach often assert that there is some sort of inequity in governmentally provided services and in private investment. I hear the same rhetoric from those living in the neighborhoods of Breezy Point, Neponsit, Belle Harbor, Rockaway Park and parts of Rockaway Beach. These peninsula-wide suspicions of inequity may be a real feeling, but its cause is hardly an eastern neighborhoods vs. western neighborhoods...

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Delays Kept Secret

A few years back I had boardwalk envy, today I have boardwalk frustration, as many do. I was once envious of our neighbors to the east of us in Long Beach, LI. It killed me that they were walking on their brand new boardwalk, while we here on the Rockaway peninsula were still fighting with former Mayor Bloomberg to rebuild the Rockaway boardwalk. Fast forward to this past weekend as I rode my bike along all the open sections of Phases 1, 2 and 4a. I couldn’t help but think about my neighbors who have just been dealt a tough blow with news of a delay for the completion of Phase 3, the section...

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Between The Groins

Since the name of my contribution here in the Rockaway Times is “Between the Groins” many people have asked me why I have not mentioned the plans for Groins lately as much as I have in the past.  The answer is pretty clear. We have done our job and an amazing job at that. The “we” I speak of is the amazingly loud, noisy and “take no crap” people of the Rockaway peninsula and Broad Channel. From Far Rock to Breezy and over to Broad Channel, we have for the most part achieved some pretty lofty goals in just a few short years. Sometime in June, yes of this year, the Army Corps of Engineers is scheduled...

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Calling Out Community Board

From the minute I heard about the plan to relocate a reform-school to the campus of Beach Channel high school, I was dumbfounded. Most shocking, I heard the news from Facebook. That’s like finding out that your flight was canceled after you board a plane at the airport. It’s extremely disappointing to the residents who live near the campus in the Beach 90s and Beach 100s to hear such significant news by way of rumors and Facebook posts. What’s more troubling is The Dept. of Education (DOE) held meetings and hearings on the subject without telling anyone who would be impacted! Or did they? Hmmmmmmm!!!!!! Now...

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