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Shuttle Good For Numbers

Dear Editor:

On Tuesday February 9th Community Board 14 held their monthly meeting where the Economic Development Corporation (EDC) spoke about the free shuttle bus service which will be available for the Rockaway Ferry service in 2017. I would like to remind everyone that it was the E.D.C. under the leadership of Kyle Kimball who said to this community the “numbers” were not sufficient and the reason why the Rockaway Ferry was taken out of service.

Now they are talking about the shuttle bus service and leaving out the east end of this peninsula which is not fair and where a very large percentage of people live. I think the E.D.C. better rethink this so we do not have to hear in the future that the “number” of riders using the Rockaway Ferry service are not sufficient. Though there will be a contract involved we do not want to hear “eventually” that our ferry service will be terminated. I hope under the EDC’s new leadership and the City that this situation will be better looked into and rectified.

Danny Ruscillo


Drains, Not Dumps

Dear Editor:

While we are talking about storm drains, I wish people in Rockaway would not assume storm drains are useful to throw their garbage and dog poop in. The debris in storm drains just exacerbates the problem. There is no way for the debris to be “washed out to sea” and even if there was such a possibility is polluting the water really a good idea?

Irene Brunstein


Obey The Law

Dear Editor:

This is in response to Rick Horan’s letter last week. It is dangerous and against the law to go through a red light. Last week when I was driving my daughter to dance, I could not make a legal turn at Beach Channel Drive and the Freeway because many drivers were rapidly going through the red light at that location. One problem in our city is too many people are in a hurry instead of driving safely and legally. If you are in that much of a hurry, take a different rout! Slow down and save lives.

John Lydon


Crime And Shame

Dear Editor:

Another Queens Councilman, Ruben Wills of SE Queens – Jamaica, has his dirty/filthy hands in the people’s pockets. Charged by the state attorney general with grand larceny and filing false business records. He is also accused of stealing public tax dollars from a nonprofit group he founded. Southeast Queens, unfortunately, has serious problems and they’re being led and repped by a common thief?!

And oh yeah, our 51 NYC Councilmembers are doing such a great job that Mayor de Blasio is giving them a raise. You see, if they make ( earn?) ten thousand dollars more they will stop stealing hundreds of thousands!

This logic only a great progre­ssive could understand.

Peter J. Stubben


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