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So an article came out in the latest release of Surfing Magazine, “The 10 Most Important Waves In America”, they go on to write “To be clear, it’s not Best Waves — because every dog has its day — it’s Important Waves….We’ve chosen waves based on their modern-day impact…”, and have a guess which beach got the top honors?


And here’s why they got the pick: “It’s the best wave close to the most important city in the world.” “If you like big cities and hypothermia, you’ll love Long Beach. Situated just one hour from The Big Apple, the south-facing beaches of #LongBeachNYnotCA turn most wintertime swells into a teepee-filled tube fest.”

Last time I checked, we get larger waves as we face more east, as well as being significantly closer to NYC, well hell, we actually are NYC! I kinda hope this makes some people mad, or at least a little pissed off how we get overlooked and start questioning why it is so. And let me take a stab as to why we get overlooked, maybe because there’s very little support for surfing here in Rockaway except by the businesses that are here because of surfing or started by surfers. Even David Selig, owner of Rockaway Taco said to me a few weeks ago about new surfing beaches being so hotly contested, “Rockaway Taco would have just been some old regular taco place if it hadn’t been for the surfers coming out with their friends and blowing it up like it did.”

And I’ll leave you with this other story that just happened. With cyclone (hurricane) swells hitting the Queensland coast in Australia for near-on two months, a local expert in the matter of ‘surfonomics,’ Dr. Neil Lazarow used research that valued “local breaks to be worth a combined $233 million annually” writes the Goldcoast Bulletin. So he went about calculating what that span of two month’s worth of waves were worth, he said the $20 million came on top of the $40 million the surfing industry was worth in those two months. The paper goes on to write: “Locals, he estimated, spent an additional $14 million in eight weeks while visitors spent an estimated $4.8 million surfing more often due to waves from ex-tropical cyclones Tatiana and Winston and a few good southerly swells.”

“He said the visitor dollars were the most valuable for the city.”

You can read these stories here: surfingmagazine.com/originals/the-10-most-important-waves-in-america/#VKU3LPzPcGcDXMyZ.97

and gold­coa­st­bulletin.com.au/

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