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Today’s historical view is surrounded by multi-colored seashells of various kinds found along our northeast coast. How many can you identify? Which is the quahog? The periwinkle? The conch? The snail? The scallop? The oyster? Limpet snail and the hermit crab?

Our camera is on the outer Hog Island Beach looking across Far Rockaway Bay towards Beach 19th street ferry dock and pavilion, plus the many old hotels that lined Beach 19th Street. A horse-drawn trolley car company ran its line to the beach from the Far Rockaway LIRR Station.

The horse-drawn buggies and wagons on the right are on old South Street, which is the present Seagirt Boulevard. The Artist had added walkers to the restful scene. Wavecrest is located to the west (or left) where there was a man-made canal that connected Far Rockaway Bay to Jamaica Bay at Beach 32nd Street.

The hotels (left to right) are The Wheeler Cottage, The Ocean View House, The Franklin Hotel, The Ame­rican Hotel,  The St. Lawrence on the west side of Beach 19th Street and the big  U.S. Hotel on the east side.

The outer beach and all of the bathing pavilions and restaurants, were destroyed by the direct hit of a summer’s end hurricane in September of 1903. The Long Beach sandbar came up to Far Rockaway in later years and was stopped from hooking up to Edgemere by the Long Beach stone hook jetty completed in 1933.

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