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Between The Groins

Since the name of my contribution here in the Rockaway Times is “Between the Groins” many people have asked me why I have not mentioned the plans for Groins lately as much as I have in the past. 

The answer is pretty clear. We have done our job and an amazing job at that.

The “we” I speak of is the amazingly loud, noisy and “take no crap” people of the Rockaway peninsula and Broad Channel. From Far Rock to Breezy and over to Broad Channel, we have for the most part achieved some pretty lofty goals in just a few short years.

Sometime in June, yes of this year, the Army Corps of Engineers is scheduled to reveal the official findings of the Rockaway Beach Reformulation Study (RBRS). The RBRS is the study that began in 2003 and was supposed take ten years, to figure out a way to keep sand on the beaches of the Rock, from the East Rockaway Inlet in Far Rockaway, to the Rockaway Inlet near Breezy Point. 

Immediately after Hurricane Sandy the RBRS was tweaked to include studying how to make sure communities in and around Jamaica Bay more resilient.

It’s been a long study that is three years past its completion date, but there is FINALLY a light at the end of the long, long tunnel of the RBRS. Even though we will FINALLY see the results of the RBRS in June, that will not be the end of the RBRS, but the beginning of the next phase of our fight for protection of our Rockaway beaches and Jamaica Bay.

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