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We often hear all kinds of rhetoric when it comes to what is “wrong” with the Rockaway peninsula.

Residents in the eastern neighborhoods of Far Rockaway, Edgemere, Arverne and parts of Rockaway Beach often assert that there is some sort of inequity in governmentally provided services and in private investment. I hear the same rhetoric from those living in the neighborhoods of Breezy Point, Neponsit, Belle Harbor, Rockaway Park and parts of Rockaway Beach.

These peninsula-wide suspicions of inequity may be a real feeling, but its cause is hardly an eastern neighborhoods vs. western neighborhoods issue. What it is, is a north vs. south issue! I’m not talking the Mason Dixon line here folks, I’m talking the Jamaica Bay effect, the natural (I do mean that in the literal sense) boundary between the “main-land” neighborhoods of NYC Council Districts 31 and 32.

There IS inequity on our peninsula, as far as council districts go, but it’s hardly east and west! The mere fact that the Rockaway portion of Council Districts 31 and 32 make up less than 35-40 percent of each district respectively, means in reality, we have less than 70-80 percent of council representation within the NYC Council, peninsula-wide.

I know Councilmen Ulrich and Richards do the best they can with what they have, but it’s still a major disadvantage for us, as a peninsula, to be represented so fractionally. The same goes for the NY State Senate and the NY State Assembly!

Senators Addabbo and Sanders and Assembly members Goldfeder and Titus all do the best they can!

Wouldn’t it be better if our elected officials’ ONLY concern was our little slice of heaven called the Rockaway peninsula and they all lived here with their families?

Imagine if we had one NYC Councilman for the whole “island,” one NY State Senator for the whole “island” and one member of the NY State Assembly for the whole “island?” All representing JUST ROCKAWAY!?!?

Why not? In a few years our population, peninsula-wide, will be large enough to warrant a major change in our Political Equity.

It’s the 101st anniversary of the Rockaway peninsula’s futile attempt at seceding from NYC. Let’s start planning!

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