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Global Warming? Really?

 Ok, its May, it’s supposed to be getting warmer, instead like everything in this world today, it’s the opposite, it’s getting colder! And we are setting records for coldness. And when did the wind become a gale force? Forget about the boardwalk, the ferry, the roads; it doesn’t matter, no one is going outside this summer! Memorial Day is two weeks away and I haven’t put away my winter coat!

I suppose the side benefit to the cold weather is that we won’t have to contend with crowds this summer. Who wants to sit on the beach wrapped up like the mummy? Even the whales don’t like it this cold. I guess we could do some simulated golfing at the new Rockaway Beach Golf Club. It’s possible to actually do some fun shopping too; I mean the Gift is Love, Lana’s Loft, Polly & Ester, the Blue Bungalow, Lola’s, and the surf shops all offer a mixture of things to buy.

If you wanted to do a pub-crawl that is always a possibility in Rockaway no matter what the old timers say: “In my day, there was a bar on every corner.” Well not every corner today but a short walk between for a craft beer. And if you needed to grab a bite there are few restaurants worth checking out, from Rockaway’s own Restaurant Row to 129th Street to Breezy Point’s Kennedy’s.

A walk on a wind swept beach is nice every once in a while too. Not everyday, but a good stretch of the legs never killed anyone. Although my late father-in-law was fond of saying, “don’t get hit by a car, wait for the bus.” It is harder to ride a bike in the wind in Rockaway; the wind seems to blow in both directions. Running is a bit harder too. So let’s cross those off our list for now. I am constantly amazed by the fishermen I see on the bayside, they are always out. They fish no matter what, but has anyone ever seen them pull a fish over that wall? Just saying.

You could take a walk on the boardwalk that is finished and hit the concessions. But you probably want something to warm you up, not beer. If it’s the weekend you could always go check out the Rockaway Artists Alliance, they seem to always have an art show or music happening. The Rockaway Theatre Company is a good choice too; it’s warm in the theater.

Got to take your hat off to the little leaguers, they play no matter how cold it is. But put that hat back on quickly. The whale watching season has begun again on the American Princess. That’s fun to do. But until it gets warmer, the dolphins and whales are probably as cold as we are.

It’s been so cold out that I haven’t even seen one mermaid this spring yet. Boy, I hope it gets warm fast; man cannot live without his mermaids!

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