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Rockaway’s Middle Name

So it’s without a doubt that the Rockaway Peninsula needs a middle name. And that should be EROSION.

With the most recent stories talking about the amount of erosion uptown and us surfers and residents noting the amount of sand continually disappearing in the 90’s area, it was on a recent reconnaissance surf check downtown in the 30’s that got me gobsmacked. There was at least a 20-30 foot escarpment looking east and west of Beach 36th St. If you wanted beach access, bring a parachute to get down.

Rumors Become True.   Many years ago with the ongoing debate how the Association of Professional Surfers (ASP) World Championship Tour (WCT) could do some improving, it was then that rumors spread about Kelly Slater’s (11x World champion) involvement with a group called ZoSea. Well, history would tell you that ZoSea ended up taking over the ASP & WCT calling themselves World Surf League Holdings and branding the WCT as the WSL.

This all doesn’t seem significant except for a fact that back in those days there was a rumor that Kelly Slater was working on a man-made wave, with his eventual hopes that his man made wave design would eventually be a contest amongst the WSL.

What just dropped this week in a huge announcement was that WSL Holdings just bought the lion’s share of the Kelly Slater Wave Company. If you haven’t seen this wave that Kelly designed and it’s subsequent videos that almost broke the internet then you’re in for a shock. It has to be the most perfectly formed wave that is imaginable for a surfer. Do yourself a favor, if you haven’t seen it, and google “Kelly’s wave.”

Back to the Erosion.  Because of the sand dumping and subsequent erosion, we have extraordinary set ups for sand bars, which in my opinion are dangerous at shallow tides, especially for kids as the waves are dumping very hard in the shallow banks. Take extra precaution with the kids and try not to land head first during your wipe out, I know a few people who’ve fractured their necks surfing Rockaway.

Have a great holiday weekend and get your surf on!



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