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Looking For A Glow

I have to say I’m not surprised that the Rockaway peninsula’s good friend, Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder, is not going to continue as the Assemblyman for our peninsula. His dedication to family is unparalleled!

I recently noticed a glow about Phil after the birth of his third child, a glow that I had not seen since the first time I met him at a rally to save Peninsula Hospital in the parking lot of St. Francis de Sales while he was beginning his first campaign.

Phil walked right up to me and introduced himself and said he wanted to know everything there was to know about the issues of beach erosion and the need to complete that “never ending” study on how to prevent massive erosion of the ocean shores of our peninsula.

Phil’s commitment to tackle issues such as tolls, studies, beach and bay issues and a commitment to fight for better education for our kids and a general concern for the heath of all families is the cornerstone of Phil’s time while serving for us.

The most important question to gauge Phil’s success while working for us: is the peninsula a better place than when he began? And the answer is a very big YES!!!

I’m sure this is starting to sound like an obituary, when it is really about the glow of commitment to his constituents and more importantly, his family! Thanks Phil for your time, talent and friendship and thanks for keeping your glow!

Now we all wonder who will fill in for Phil as our representative in the NYS Assembly. I remember it once written somewhere by Kevin Boyle, that there must be more than one Phil Golfeder, there was no way one man could make and support so many community meetings and events! This must be true for Phil’s successor as well.

I know I will personally expect those who believe they are worthy to fill Phil’s shoes to have given the Rockaway peninsula the same commitment as Phil has.

I sincerely hope that the Democratic and Republican clubs and groups in and around our peninsula do not insult the people of our peninsula by “anointing” a candidate because of their dedication to a specific party, you know, someone we’ve never even heard of before or stood in the back of some meeting for ten minutes before bolting.

Anyone who comes forward to ask for our vote should make sure they evaluate their record of commitment to our peninsula and have a clear history of fighting for the good of Rockaway.

In other words make sure you have the glow: someone who has been with us on the front lines in our support of our police, someone who stood with us on the Rocks (groins) to fight for sand, someone who fought with us against Williams’ Transco pipeline, someone who fought with us against the Liberty Liquid Natural Gas lines off our shores, someone who was with us every step of the way to fight to have our boardwalk rebuilt, someone who is out here advocating for better schools for our kids, someone who fights for cleaner and safer beaches, someone who is with us today fighting for protection for our beach and bay, someone who has been fighting for better and cleaner roads. . . In other words, make sure you have the “Glow” or don’t waste your time.

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