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Remember The Reformulation

On a serious note: Seems there has been a lot of premature reports circulating around social media about the final results of the 2003 Rockaway Beach- Jamaica bay reformulation Study. Yes, we all are waiting patiently to know what the Army Corps will have in store for our shores.

Even if the final report came to us this morning, we’d still have many rounds of public hearings and discussion on the topic for years before we see a shovel in the ground.

Be prepared folks. There will be many groups weighing in on the topic. There will be people fighting the idea of a gate in Jamaica Bay. You’ll hear that the gate will cause a disruption of the mating pattern of some two-headed jellyfish you never knew existed. You will also hear that stone groins will prevent the flow of sand along the shore. Of course we know that the Rockaway peninsula is at the end of the line, the end of a hundred mile island, so the flow matters little. We may as well capture all the sand before Breezy connects with New Jersey. Could you imagine, Rockaway part of the Jersey Shore!?!? Yikes!!!!!!

There will be many groups and activists saying that we need to let nature take its course. Insisting that dunes alone are all we need to keep our beaches in place for public use. And outlandish tales of how dunes alone will prevent 3,000 10-foot high waves from breaching our boardwalk and baffles walls.

More importantly we will need to stay focused on the funding, we see how all the boardwalk and Build it Back funding is being thrown around like Monopoly money. Stay tuned, but more importantly, stay VIGILANT!!!

On a less serious note: If you have any artistic kids who love to paint, please feel free to come out to our paint-out Friday night at 5:30 p.m. on the boardwalk at Beach 86th. We will be painting wood cutouts of whale tales and shark fins.

This event is sponsored by the Rockaway Beach Civic, Friends of Rockaway Beach and the Parks Department. You will be painting so dress to paint.

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