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Yep! It’s official kOoK season and there’s no shortage of mayhem out in the water.

Sitting with the family and some buddies over the weekend at the main jetty, watching the carnage of so many collisions and near misses, it was painfully obvious so many of these people are clueless as to what surfing etiquette is and if there are any sort of rules at all.

As for the good surfers agonizingly trying to avoid the kOoKs flying down the face at them, occasionally telling that kOoK what they’re doing wrong, only to fall on deaf ears and the kOoK’s going so far as to say “Hey, you’re ruining it for everyone going across the wave!”, it seems as though there is no hope for us decent surfers to get a wave alone.

I saw one guy trying to surf – he’s standing in thigh deep water waiting for the white water to come and then attempting to jump to his feet on the board before the white water arrives. Very inventive I thought, but alas he wasn’t having any luck. So I give him a hint on how to do it properly (that’ll be $90 please!) and he’s so pissed at me he’s almost frothing at the mouth “You know I’ve had surf lessons before!”, at that point I respond “Then you should get your money back, it’s going to take you a decade to figure how to do it that way.”

So for all you newbies and frothing kOoKs, here is a guide to the surfing rules graciously provided by the Gotham Surf Club & Rockaway Times.

And remember to always PULL IN!!!!

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