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2016 RBSA Contest Schedule

 Below are the TENTATIVE dates for the upcoming contest season for Rockaway and NYC surfing. While some of these dates might slide further out of the summer season into fall, this is solely because we want waves for these events, secondly, and because we have only finite space, we need to wait for the “summer” Parks Dept. season to end so we don’t take away vital surf areas. For instance, we technically could say that last weekend was the lowest point in Rockaway surfing history. It was so insanely crowded, it was virtually impossible to get a wave alone, let alone not get hit or hit someone yourself. At one point I counted over 115 people in the lineup.

The first contest will be the newly renamed RBSA youth series to The NYC Junior Pro-Am Series. Consisting of two events, the best surfers to accumulate the most points in these events will be the winners. The first event will be September 10 sponsored by the Gotham Surf Club. The second event will be sponsored by St. James Clothing on October 8. These will be held at the main jetty at 90th St.

Next up will be the 1st Annual Rockaway Beach Bodysurf  Showdown, presented by the RBSA and the Rockaway Beach Bodysurf Underground on September 17 at the Box jetty, at 84th Street.

On September 24 we will have the very first NYC Women’s Pro-Am sponsored by UMA’s Restaurant to be held at the 67th Street jetty. This is going to be a fantastic event, especially being the first ever all female event for surfing on the Rockaway Peninsula, bring it on!

Then we slide all the way out to October 15 which will be the 3rd Annual NYC Longboard Pro-Am held at the main jetty. While wholly run by the RBSA we are still looking for a named sponsor for this event. If you’d like to support our efforts for these contests or any one in particular, please email info@rbsurfersassociation.org to jump on board and get your business associated with some great groundbreaking events for the Rockaways but really for NYC in general.

And finally we will have the NYC Cold Water Classic with a waiting period of November 26 till December 4. Jimmy Brady is the contest director and this contest will only go in head-high waves or bigger. This will be held at the main 90 Street jetty as well. We will have a pre contest ceremony and also a post contest awards ceremony. This time we do have a tentative sponsor but we are always looking for more.

So there you go, wax up those sticks, get your game on and get involved, we’ll see you on the beach or in the water!

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