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Between The Groins

Earlier this year I became President of the Rockaway Beach Civic Association (RBCA). I have the pleasure and honor to serve with some of the most amazingly dedicated volunteers to civic duty on the peninsula.

In case you were wondering, the RBCA’s primary focus area is Beach 73rd Street to Beach 108th Street-Beach to Bay.

This time of year you can imagine there is a lot to deal within the RBCA’s focus and we really have to step up our game quite a bit! We have, by far, the greatest concentration of beach visitors coming “down for the day.” We have the good fortune of the largest concentration of bars on the peninsula. We deal with a sewage treatment plant that keeps on giving. We have a bridge which acts as the gateway to the peninsula. We have a fire house and a police station. We have two strip malls. We are the crossroads of the peninsula. We have the largest concentration of tall buildings on the peninsula. We have the largest free public parking lot on the peninsula. We have the awful plague of 100:1 ratio of cars looking for a parking spot on every given good beach day. We have six separate school sites. We have the largest mental health nursing home on the peninsula. We are in line with not one, but two of the most active airport runways in the world. We have NYC’s busiest and most active surfing community. We have NYC’s biggest chocolate factory. We have the great food concessions on the boardwalk, a bustling business district with cool stores and many great restaurants and of course some the greatest-most diverse population on the peninsula.

If the focus area of the RBCA, a community of this size and scope, were anywhere else outside New York City we would easily be our own city. Like Long Beach, Long Island or Asbury Park, NJ with our magnitude, compared to what we are as a civic, we would have our own city council or town board.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the good fortune of a legitimate self-government guiding our own way. We do however have the enormously good fortune of having an executive board of the Rockaway Beach Civic who is by far some of the hardest working volunteers on the Peninsula. With Bridget Klapinski and Eddy Pastore as co-vice Presidents, Marni Rhyne as Secretary and Grace Miller as Treasurer, the wheels of the RBCA certainly do turn. We also have as executive board appointees, Michelle Gunn and Jeremy Jones who help guide our way in an amazing way.

Within the Rockaway Beach Civic focus area we do have so much be thankful for. We have a lot going on and  many issues to address on a daily basis. Together this awesome group of volunteers and the rest of the Rockaway Beach Civic members make our little part of the world that much better.

So a special THANK YOU to Bridget, Eddy, Marni, Grace, Michelle and Jeremy and all of the RBCA for all you do in making our part of the Rockaway Peninsula that much better! A strong heart and soul makes the peninsula the greatest strip of land on earth.

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