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Get Those Boards Waxed or Shutter Up?

We are going into an interesting phase in early September as the hurricane belt in the Atlantic is really heating up some storms.

While most surfers are praying for hurricane development to bring us waves, sometimes you might want to be wary of what you wish for. The Atlantic has been unusually quiet so far this year despite some weird early activity outside the normal hurricane period, but now it looks like it’s been downing some steroids over the last few weeks.

The latest models show some significant issues with T.D.#9, which is currently moving into the Gulf of Mexico. But spaghetti models are showing it moving out over the Carolinas. In the latest NOAA WW3 wave models, it shows the storm increasing in intensity and making a very unlikely move into the tri-state area.

Now not to be an alarmist, as many factors can play into things changing, but the very fact that multiple forecast models have this thing turning into our coastal area, ala-Sandy, is extremely frightening.  And the 144hr model has his pegged on September 5.

So this message is more about keeping your eyes on this thing and being safe, rather than waxing those surfboards.

And while we can be potentially clobbered, it also looks like the islands in the Caribbean are going to get a whooping too with a yet to be announced storm coming off the African continent.

Here’s hoping none of this happens!

Meanwhile, here’s a few pics of the recent days surfing…

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