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Cayuga Capital

Cayuga Capital (owner of the Playland Motel) is the latest company to become “Poverty Pimps” as they were called at a recent meeting, by way of the Department of Homeless Services (DHS)!

Of course, who can blame them? They are in the business of making money. For that matter, aren’t we all in the business of making money?

I like money, you like money! So what’s the problem? I work for my money. I go to work at the end of the week, I get a paycheck, then pay my bills on my home. Simple!

Cayuga Capital, we have now been informed, has a contract with the Department of Homeless services. Some estimates say that Cayuga Capital will receive over one hundred dollars per single room per night and will lease 12 motel rooms.

How is it that Mayor de Blasio, by way of the City taxpayer, can supply billions of dollars to pay “homeless” services by way of DHS to warehouse the homeless populations in hotel rooms, yet gives so little to fund job programs in the NYC Parks or Department of Sanitation to keep our parks and streets clean. Or just put the able homeless people to work.

Instead of giving DHS the go ahead to pay Cayuga Capital, or any hotel for that matter, nearly $3,000 per room per month to house homeless families, perhaps Mayor de Blasio can simply reroute our city tax dollars and give the head of each of the homeless families a job within NYC Parks or Sanitation? I’m no math whiz, but with my simple calculator on my iPhone, $3,000 per month comes out to $18.75 per hour.

Lately we hear the majority elected officials yap about “JOBS JOBS JOBS” and “fight for $15!” How about the fight for 18.75 per hour for homeless families?

Why doesn’t the City Council simply force the Mayor to put the billions of taxpayer dollars that we evidently do have on hand and set up “Jobs Jobs Jobs” for the homeless population? Obviously that is a rhetorical question! The answer is quite clear: Because so many “non-profits” are making millions on the backs of the homeless population!

Like the saying goes… give a person a hotel room, house them for the day! Give a person a job, house them for life!

I am very well aware there are instances where a job is not the only answer! And I do understand homeless women with children, the mentally ill, and the senior homeless population are being failed by our City. It is quite obvious we need to bring attention to their plight as well!

I hope you will join us on the steps of City hall on Friday morning at 10 a.m. to get a message to Mayor de Blasio and the rest of the City Council, to stop lining the pockets of the “poverty pimps” and start lining the pockets of the ready, willing and able homeless population, who would most definitely take a job over a hotel room.

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