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Cheers for Ulrich

The more I get to hear Councilman Eric Ulrich speak, the more I realize how truly lucky we are. Not only are we fortunate to have him represent large parts of the Rockaway peninsula and Broad Channel, but that he represents and fights for all of NYC.

His staunch opposition to the de Blasio administration’s bad policies and handling of the City’s homeless problem is spot on! His opposition of the administration’s mishandling to the Build it Back program is inspiring! His opposition to the administration’s poor record in the recovery of our parks and playgrounds on the peninsula, which were obliterated more than five and four years ago from hurricanes Irene and Sandy, benefits all New Yorkers. Not only do his immediate constituents in southern Queens benefit, but all of NYC wins because of Eric’s efforts across the board.

Councilman Ulrich’s full grasp of The New York City Charter gives him a greater knowledge for which path our City should be headed. This shows as he runs circles around the majority of his colleagues in the City Council. As one of the council’s handful of Republicans, Councilman Ulrich has continuously shown bipartisan cooperation with the Democrat-run City Council, by being one of only four Councilmen to have had the foresight in agreeing to join in the original Participatory Budget process several years ago, a process that can easily be considered “extremely progressive.” His bipartisanship continues to this day as he works tirelessly in the Council to better the lives of our veterans.

I’m not really sure what the future holds for our great city, but we can rest assured that when push comes to shove, Eric will not let our great city fall the way of Detroit or Trenton or San Francisco!

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