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Play That Music, Baby!

I’m giving you two ideas this week. Now the thing about ideas, so it’s hard to have a truly original one, so rather than try to claim these as my own, I’m just stealing a couple of good ones that you should run to market with.  As far as I can see, nobody’s doing these yet.

Want to turn your child into a music prodigy?  Well, first thing you should do is give the little Mozart a baby bottle shaped like a musical instrument. Basically, the base of the bottle would be round and wide and the sides of the bottle would have keys so that when the baby took a drink it would look like was playing the trombone.

Think about it, baby bottles have basically been the same since Ben Franklin or Betty Crocker invented it. Why not design the bottle with a little musical creativity?  People are always buying baby stuff. And it’s not like bottles are hand-me-downs. People buy new ones for every crying baby that comes along.  And, of course, these musical containers would be a hit at any baby shower.

So, get out there and design your baby boppin’ bottles and watch your cash register sing.

Oh shoot, I’ve run out of room so I can’t give you my second idea until next time. It’d be a good idea if the editor gave us more than 250 words for these ideas that will make you rich!

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