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Plunge Right In

 Ok, enough weeks have passed since our introductory column about a foot pedal for toilets.  Even though so many of my ideas should end up in the toilet I didn’t want readers to think this column was all about the place they used to call the water closet.

The Problem: Toilet plungers that are ugly, ineffective and messy.

The Big Idea:  Pongtu.  My daughter discovered it and knew it was something I’d appreciate.  Invented in South Korea, the Pongtu might finally allow us to end our love/hate relationship with plungers.

Pongtu is a thin sheet of yellow plastic that seals to the edges of the toilet opening.  Once in place you simply flush.  Magically the middle of the plastic rises a few inches at which time you need to push it back down a few times until the toilet clears.  Less than a minute, at least according to the video (search Pongtu on YouTube).

Word to the wise: Don’t forget to take the plastic off and toss it, otherwise you will have a real mess on your hands the next time someone sits down.  Or being accused of pulling an old (im)practical joke.


Got any great ideas? If you do, and don’t mind someone else getting rich off it, send it to us at Mail@Rockawaytimes.com.  This column is a group effort.

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