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Mirror, Mirror On The Finger

 A few columns ago I suggested you could get rich with baby bottles shaped like trombones or other musical instruments. If the idea of baby Louie Armstrongs isn’t your melody, how about cashing in on the vanity of teenage girls?  

Not that there’s anything wrong with vanity and teenage girls. 

In fact, there’s a lot right with it if you get this idea on Snapchat or whatever social media thing (which started out as an idea) is hot at the moment. Girls have been known to check a mirror now and then and girls have been known to use fingernail polish.  Well, why not combine the two?  Yes, fingernail polish that reflects like a mirror.  Or fake nails that serve the same purpose.

This idea was originally floated by a teenage girl from South Carolina. We met her and her parents on the Staten Island ferry and got to talking about ideas. She said you don’t need an app for your phone or a hand held mirror, all you need is finger nails that reflect.  She said something about getting her science teacher to help make the formula and we suggested why not just make fake fingernails made of a reflective coating.

We did a cursory google search and haven’t found this idea out there yet. With all the nail salons in Rockaway, you’d think one would offer finger mirrors!

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