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Drain With A Brain

 The problem: clogged shower drains

The big idea: garbage disposal for the shower

I’m as bald as Yul Brynner’s newborn baby. My brow gleams like new fallen snow on a church lawn.  I know that can be seen as a flaw to the unenlightened, but I consider it a genetic blessing. Not only do I never experience a bad hair day, but I am never the source of the pile up of nastiness encasing the shower drain on a daily basis. On the other hand, she who must be obeyed (as well as our two teenaged daughters), contribute an unending supply of their formerly flowing tresses to the outbound end of the shower floor with the consistency of government bureaucrats.

Like the kitchen garbage can, I seem to be the only one who ever notices that these things don’t clear themselves, so I am left to pick at the wad of soap encrusted hairball restricting the flow of water to the drain.  For the really bad clogs, I gnash my teeth and mutter curses while trying to negotiate the plumber’s snake into the entrails of the house pipes. None of which makes me happy at all. Trust me, plumbers are underpaid.

So why not install a garbage disposal into the shower drain?  We have them for kitchen sinks.  They are charged with ridding us of every form of biodegradable goo we can shove down there. A shower macerator would chew up the follicles, soap scum, and who knows what else, leaving me more time to perfect my “King and I” dance routine.

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